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Admiral Kydell's Private Office

A home away from the fleet, Admiral Kydell's private office at SAF Military Headquarters holds all the necessities of political maneuvering, manipulation, and control required of a scheming Admiral of Sparnell Fleet Command.

Purpose / Function

Each Admiral and Vice Admiral of the Sparnell Armed Forces is granted a private office within SAF Military Headquarters, from which they and their staff conduct business when not with their fleets. Admiral Kydell has arranged his private office as a comfortable haven for himself, and a useful way to observe his newest and most valuable underlings.


Kydell's office is positioned toward the center of Headquarters, on one of the higher floors. As such, it has a single point of entry, leading into his outer office. This door is not only heavily reinforced, but contains both a genetic and mechanical lock. There are no windows, allowing Kydell and his guests full privacy - and security.

Contents & Furnishings

Outer Office

Kydell's outer office is sparse, intended to provide visitors with a sense of his importance without giving away any of his personal thoughts. Immediately upon entering, guests will notice his tidy, oversized desk to the left, set at an angle to provide an optimal view of the door. The wall to the right holds a large cabinet filled with awards and symbols of his accomplishments, as well as those of his fleet.   A second cabinet against the far right wall holds a collection of Kydell's spare dress uniforms, as well as a small assortment of the Confederation's tan and brown working uniforms for his newest and most valued recruits. A cryo cabinet in the far left corner holds a spare reconstruction clone, ensuring Kydell always has a new body ready for use, should something unfortunate happen to his current skin.   A small door leads to a long hallway, allowing access to the living quarters of the office.  

Guest Bedroom

The first hallway door leads to the guest bedroom, an L shaped arrangement with two guest beds and matching dressers, wrapped around a small bathroom. The guest bathroom offers basic amenities, including an anemantic shower with full temperature and humidity controls.  

Admiral Kydell's Private Quarters

Kydell's private quarters are found at the end of the hallway, accessed with a genetic lock to block guests from entering while Kydell is not present. This room is larger than even the outer office, containing a comfortable bed and the Admiral's working desk in one half, and a spacious sparring mat with well stocked weapons racks in the other.   Across the sparring mat is the entrance to Kydell's private bathroom, with a real water shower and additional storage for towels, toiletries, and the Admiral's vast collection of crystalized secrets.
Kydell's Office - SAF Headquarters
Kydell's private office at SAF Headquarters
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