Zelier Kysil

Zelier Kysil

Zelier is a rambunctious, loud, flamboyant, and eccentric character. He loves a wonderful adventure, be that experiment, new experience, or exploration. He is hardly ever stationary and often forgets the meaning of rest.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While the Tinkers are rather slim by nature Zelier is even more so. A daintily built man with slim shoulders and a relatively feminine waist contradicted by firm and noticeable muscle.

Facial Features

His diamond shaped face and strong straight nose are offset by his soft brow and bow-shaped lips. He has a scar across the bridge of his nose and another jagged one from his hairline to his right eye gotten from ill fated experiments.

Mental characteristics


Despite some assumptions as to his prefrences, Zelier is pansexual.


At five degrees of mastery to his name in the fields of engineering, design, technology, magic, and medicine, he is an accomplished scholar. He is also one of the lead researchers and inventors behind several steam powered technological advancements. In fact he is part of the teams working on long distance air ships. He is always looking to learn and study more in addition to his inventing and exploring. He does, occassionally, take sabaticals to go study the ruins of the northern wastes.


Zelier is employed by the Imperial Academy of Science and Magic as an engineer, researcher, and consultant.

Morality & Philosophy

Zelier is morally grey, he does not believe in any action being inherntly good or bad. In his mind what determines if one's actions are good or evil is intent, and the effects they have on the lives of the many.

Personality Characteristics


Zelier is driven by an insatiable curiosity, for him the greater impact of every invention and breakthrough is secondary to the satisfaction of discovery and knowledge. Despite this he is equally driven by his emotional attachement to a select few people.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Feats of mechanical and engineering genius come easy to him. HIs knowledge and understanding of the world around him is one of his greatest prides. His ability to care for himself though is abysmal. If it weren't for the people he surrounds himself with, and the robotic magpie that acts as an alarm that attacks as deterent for ignoring it, then he wouldn't remember to eat, sleep, or bathe regularly.

Likes & Dislikes

He enjoys creating things, learning, socializing (so long as he can still be working on things), and all things odd and different.


Social Aptitude

Despite spending most of his time on academic endevours Zelier is incredibly outgoing and socially savy. He enjoys spending time with others and especially likes teasing and good-natured ribbing between friends. He is confident and self-assured though not arrogant and most find his eccentricity more charming than off putting. The one part of socialization he hates is that people tend to make assumptions about him based solely on his flamboyance.


He is a very energetic and hyperactive person, often bouncing around and gesturing wildly. His sass, tendency to 'strut' around, quick wit, and tendency towards friendly petnames has many forming opinions about him that, while not malicious most of the time, are still incorrect.


Loud, boisterous, and excitable. He has a a smooth tone that most find easy to listen to. He is also prone to friendly petnames, mostly things like; Dear, Darling, Sweetheart, Love, ect.
98, Appears around 30
Date of Birth
30th of Chaesora, 1902 Age of the Great Dragon
His large round eyes are a rich warm brown that tend to shine with barely contained glee.
His hair is a wild spiky mess that he can pull into a stub of a ponytail and he usually has his bangs pinned back or spiked up to keep it out of his eyes.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Golden Tan
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If done with good intention, and to the betterment of the majority, even the most forbidden of actions is justfied."   "There is nothing wrong with curiosity and the selfish thirst for knowledge. There is a problem, though, if that consumes all compassion and endangers others needlessly."


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