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The Rebuki are a race generally known for their hard working spirit and their unmatched skill in agriculture and animal husbandry. Many also find them to be adorable, despite their towering stature, due to their relatively effeminate looks,  their tall bunny like ears and their long and extremely fluffy tails.   That said they are just as well known for the terror they can instill in their enemies should one be crossed. It is for this reason that many tread lightly when dealing with the Rebuki, lest they incurr their wrath.    They are often times considered the leaders and the true power of the Trenlodge province, something the Rebuki see as a diservice to the other races inhabiting the province. They do however hold the title of heads of what military there is and the training camps in the province for the imperial army.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Rebuki are held apart from other races primarily on account of their incredibly articulate tales as well as the delicate nature of the rebuki 'female's' health.

Genetics and Reproduction

Rebuki is a race of entirely males, though they are split into Tyrys, the 'males', and Xelia the 'Females'.   Xelia are denoted by their biological function to carry children almost identically to females of other races, however it is only during certain stages of life as well as times that such organs develop for them. It's not really understood why this is by scholars of other races.

Additional Information

Social Structure

There are thwo ways that social structure is split in Rebuki society;  Clan Politics, and Gender.   Clans are the family units that a Rebuki comes from, they typically own some amount of land, how much land, money, or rank in the military that members hold determines the prestige of the clan. Rebuki’s can also be what is termed clanless, and will stay that way until such a time as they are invited into a clan, or in the case of Xelia being bought into a clan.   Rebuki Xelias are the ‘females’ of the race and are cherished as they are rare. The downside of being a Xelia though is that once they have graduated from school they are sent to the markets to be sold to other clans, this is so that a Xelia has a higher chance of meeting their mate, which is an instinctual thing. The process of being bought and sold will continue until the Xelia finds their mate or decides to marry a dom from the clan they are in. They have the option of keeping their original clan name and adding it to their new clan name as well, and Xeliaz still can work however they please and even start (though that takes a lot of work) or inherit the headship of a clan. Also when being sold the Xelia still retains all of their personal belongings and money and it can NOT be taken from them.

Facial characteristics

Large eyes are considered their most prominent feature followed by their elongated canines forming a fanged smile.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The City state of Keveven the capital of Rebuki culture, and all across the Trenlodge Province.

Average Intelligence

They are highly intelligent and technologicly minded though they often turn that agriculture instead of technological advansement. This is primrily due to the cultural importantce of farming on animal husbandry. That does not mean they are any less tactically minded than other races. As they have been known to be great generals and commanders when the time called for it.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Typically names are kept short two syllable and often repitious sounds. This is not always the case however as the influence of other nations has spread the tradional naming system is a lot less used.

Major Organizations

Farmer's Association, a group that runs the standrads of farming and acceptible practices. They are the regulatory authority for all things agriculture. They are even considered a branch of the Trenlodge procvince's goevernment. This is because while the Rebuki are the main force behind the farms and ranches of the province the entire province takes part in the industry.   Millitary Council, Rather defunct at this point in time but allowed to still exist for emergency situation. It is a hold over from the era of war. They also serve a a protection against domestic threats until they can be reached and added by the Imperial army. They maintain the Province's millitary might in total.   The Craft Master Council. This is the rugulatory athority, on all things trade and craft related. They are the ones in charge of the markets, imports, and exports.

Beauty Ideals

Rebuki's value hard work above all else, and as such the stronger and often times darker, the Tyrys the more attractive. Rare colors are also seen as more desirable as they often denote powerful abilities. They also favor adornments such as earrings and tattoos for the Tyrys.   The Xelia are also seen through a view of hard work and color prefrences. Xelias are also very feminine by nature, usually keeping their hair longer than their tyrys counterparts and taking absolute care of their looks.

Gender Ideals

While the Tyrys are expected to be great fighters and to keep their lands productive and well kepts. It is a point of pride among Xelias to keep a good garden and to grow as many plants as they can which they then use to feed the clan and can sell the extras for personal money.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship for the Rebuki is unique in that it requires a clan to buy the Xelia from special markets and then take care of them while various Tyrys try to impress and win their favor. If they fail to do so then the clan will set the Xelia to the markets again and sell them off to the next prospective clan.

Relationship Ideals

The ideal match for a Rebuki Xelia is one who can care for their needs as well as entertain their hobbies comfortably. As such it is expected that a clan, or Tyrys be financially stable and secure before he even begins his hunt.

Average Technological Level

Automated farming systems, magically fuled tractors, full irrigactions systems and feed automation. Also mechanical alarms and timers.

Common Dress Code

Usually they wear clothing that is good for the fields such as overalls and heavy boots. Often these are black with accent colors of their personal color. They take utmost pride in the appearance of their fur however and also adore addornments of earrings, chains, tattoos, ect.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The culture of the Rebuki is built on honor, respect, and hard work. That said there is a large focus not necessarily on how much money one amasses but on the quality of their work. That said the saying work hard play hard also applies heavily to the Rebuki. As soon as the work day is over you can usually find them either with their clans or in the local tavern dancing and drinking.

Common Taboos

Hurting a Xelia

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Rebuki generally have good relations with most other races due to being one of the main sources for farm and livestock based goods. Their trade is considered of high importance across the majority of the empire and as such they have developed good working relations with the other races. Add to it their own easily overlooked military might and they fear next to nothing.
175 years on average
Average Height
Six to seven feet before their ears are counted.
Average Physique
There is no outward difference between males and 'females' of the race aside from females tending to the smaller side. That said they are usually rather tall an lithe but well musceled.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Rebuki's are often charaterized for their color, referring to their hair, eyes, and mask. Now most colors; Yellow, blue, green, pink, red, orange, etc. are common. Uncommon colors are metallic (very rare and once issuesd a K.O.S. {kill on sight} because of ancient past) this has since changed due to more recent historical events (see historical figures). Mixed colors like Blue & Purple (usually speaks of a very powerful bunny), White (just an odd occurrence), and Black (Considered a ‘colorless’ bunny and thus looked down on a bit they usually don’t have any specific ability.)
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