Ha-Nuel is a motherly and caring woman, though that is tempered greatly by her sheer sass. She is a community leader in Xido, and runs a tavern of imperial renown.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ha-Nuel is a lean and fit. Her strength, born from hard work in the kitchens and cellars of the tavern she owns and runs, is obvious but not overly so in her light but impressive muscle.

Facial Features

Like the vast majority of her people Ha-Nuel has a very draconic apperance, her snout is short and rounded giving a rather petite and dainty appearance, mached with the soft ridges around her large draconic eyes she is very pretty.

Apparel & Accessories

Ha-Nuel's go to fashion is a sweeping full skirt of patchwork fabrics with nets of decoritive coin and bead draped over it, a matching corset with a dark green shoulder jacket and soft leather boots. She adds to this with her chef's bandana, a simple zikran necklace, and special made ankle bracelets with bells.

Mental characteristics


After finishing her standard education, Ha-Nuel attended a culinary school in Ineran where she gained both a standard mastery as well a Myklal head chef cat bandana.


She works, runs, and lives at the tavern she owns.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She is proudest of having earned herself a Head-Chef Cat bandana from the Myklal she studdied and apprenticed with. In fact her adoration of that achievement even outwheighs opening her own tavern in her home kingdom.

Morality & Philosophy

Ha-Nuel is a firm believer that while respect should be given by default, it is a privilage not a right. She, like most of her people, is a firm believer that community is important and that every one should do their part to help each other.

Personality Characteristics


Ha-Nuel works hard to take care of everyone around her, it is her greatest wish to help the community and leave a positive mark. That said she is equally driven by sass and snark, she has a good sense of humor but also has a strong work ethic and will not tolerate people interfereing with her work.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Ha-Nuel is an incredibly good cook, with a vast knowledge of cuisine from across the empire. She is however not good at growing her own stuff, instead using as much local as she can and importing the rest.

Likes & Dislikes

Feeding others is a passion of hers, helping out as a volunteer at events and chraities, and socializing. Interacting and being part of the community around her is something that brings her extreme joy.   Ha-Nuel despises greed and laziness for the sake of laziness. She is a firm believer of everyone doing their part and those who do things purely for selfish gain annoy her greatly.


Social Aptitude

Ha-Nuel is a sassy and confident woman, using wit and humor as both a weapon and armor. According to her it comes with the territory of owning and running a tavern. She always has a warm smile and open arms for everyone until they cross her or harm someone without provocation in her precense.


Lilting and melodic most love to listen to Ha-Nuel talk and laugh and carry on.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If your going to fight take it outside, the winner gets food and, well, I don't serve corpses."


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