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The Moon is a Big Meanie

This article is a part of Spooktober 2023 and is still a work in progress.   Written for the Moon prompt.
  Pain.   Pain, pain, pain.   It hurts. All hurts. Patrick cried as he curled up in the woman's arms. She wasn't Mommy, didn't feel right, didn't smell right. Smell?   Mommy and Daddy had left him behind. They didn't want him anymore. And now the moon was back and making him feel bad.   It was a big meanie.   This lady wanted him. She couldn't make the pain stop though. But she hugged him and cuddled him and kissed the top of his head even when it grew fur and fuzzy ears.   "There, there, sweetie," she murmured, kissing the top of his head. "It's going to be okay. You're going to be okay."   Patrick whined, sounding like an animal, and tried to talk. To tell her 'no', that it was not okay. All that came out of his throat was a sound like a dog's whine. Daddy had had a dog and it made noises like that sometimes.   The woman who wasn't Mommy began to sing a song as she rocked him slowly back and forth and Patrick kicked his legs to get his new body into a more comfortable position. He then licked at her face and she laughed.   "Oh, you're such a sweet boy," she cooed. Then she smiled down at him and said, "Don't worry, sweetie. I'm going to take care of you. You aren't going to have to be afraid of being left behind ever again."   Patrick didn't understand all that she meant...but he knew not be left behind. He shoved his new, wet nose into her throat, making her giggle, and inhaled deeply on some kind of instinct.   She didn't smell like Mommy...but she smelled like home.
Timeframe: 2004   Location: Birmingham, Alabama   Event: Five year-old Patrick Mobray is a baby wolfkin experiencing his second transformation ever forced by the full moon.   Consquences: Patrick Mobray follows instinct and imprints himself on Miriam Ward, the witch who adopted him once she found him lost and trautmatized in foster care.


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