The Three-fold Order

There are four orders of paladins in Uendale. They are the Seven-fold, the Five-fold, the Three-fold, and the One-fold, which is currently lacking members. The names of the orders come from the collection of litanies that the Church uses in supplication to Vahan.

On the Three-fold Order

These paladins are to answer the call of Church (or Empire) when there is a great need for them. One rare use of them is to put down any dangerous adventurer groups that would be too costly or difficult for Juraedon to control.

The Three-fold is composed of three paladins who have taken the Oath of Vengeance. The three paladins are: Tamubren, Cetona, and Maria, who is the only woman paladin of all of Uendale's paladin orders. These three are among the most deadly people in the empire. Their duty is a rare but important one: they are to destroy any kingdom level or greater threats to the Empire and Church. This means that they will sometimes work alongside Black or Grey-ring level adventurer groups. They often act as mediators, but they will violently crush any opposition, as with the rebellion of Ijimen.

The average Three-fold paladin strength may be compared to that of a higher tier Grey-ring adventurer.

The Three-fold is always called upon in union by the Church Vicar of Archine and the Emperor of Juraedon. They will meet these three in person and deliver their mission.

Their captain is Tamubren (pictured to the side), but Maria is the choice candidate to enter the First-fold.

The Three-fold Order
by Pathfinder D&D
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Parent Organization
Religion: Qallanism
Notable Members

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