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Thaldimine (θæl.dɪ.min)

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Thaldimine is a bright reddish orange metal that can be found in ore veins deep underground. It requires heat to form and is noted for its fire resistant nature. Even under extreme heat such as dragon fire, the metal doesn't melt and returns to a normal temperature rapidly. The metal doesn't rust or oxidize, so it retains its bright color.
— Thaldimine miner


If you're scouting for thaldimine, you'll want to bring a lava stone. Thaldimine only appears in hotspots deep underground, and that stone will let you know when you're in a hot spot. But it can't be too hot or else the ore won't form or it'll be too brittle to use. It's finicky like that for all the trouble we go through to find it.
— Same miner

Usage & Distribution


Due to its fire resistant nature, thaldimine ore must be cold processed. It's an unusual technique where the rocks are cleaned to remove as much waste as possible before soaking them into an ice bath. Ice crystal powder is added to the water to bring the temperature down even lower which melts the ore. The heavy metal sinks to the bottom of the basin into metal molds to form the ingots. The remaining rock is scooped from the tub, and then the water is drained out. As the metal returns to room temperature, it hardens into a solid once again.

Common Uses

Most non-dwarves who buy thaldimine goods want armor or weapons. They pay good money for it, though. The dwarves, they're smarter. Ovens, cauldrons, forges, anything that's going to be subjected to high heat. If you want quality, then you get thaldimine. It'l last your lifetime, your kids' lifetimes, and your grandkids' lifetimes. Probably longer if they take good care of it. And unless you plan on living inside your oven constantly, you're not at risk for overexposure.
— Thaldimine blacksmith

Laws & Regulations


  1. Miners may not work in excess of 5 consecutive days in the mines. They must be permitted at least 10 consecutive days at least 4 furlongs away from the mine.
  2. Raw thaldimine must be stored in sealed iron crates away from any sleeping and eating facilities.
  3. At the beginning and end of each rotation, foremen must conduct safety checks on all mine supports and carts.
  4. Doctors are required on site to treat early symptoms of thaldimine poisoning.


  1. All thaldimine products must be labeled as containing thaldimine.
  2. Sale of thaldimine products must include written and verbal warning of the dangers of thaldimine exposure.
  3. Thaldimine garments must include written care instructions with guidelines to avoid thaldimine exposure.
  4. Damaged thaldimine products may only be repaired by a licensed thaldimine blacksmith.
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Lumps of thaldimine
Reddish orange
Common State
Related Professions
Important Mines
Zynychy Mine


Thaldimine is a dangerous metal that cause cause Thaldimine Poisoning with prolonged exposure. Thaldimine Mines are L4 Risk Category. Risk of cave in is likely with no chance of rescue or recovery.
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