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Vintas, the Nation of Men, is one of the smaller nations on Marvee. It is in the West on the grasslands locked in by the desert, Mawrial. The people of Vintas, Vintosen, view venturing into the desert for a Summer as a right of passage to adulthood for their children. The Nation is quite prosperous due to the large grasslands that do well for farming. Thanks to the dessert the Vintosen have never experienced an invasion by another nation. The Vintosen are isolationist and fear the other species. This has resulted in little trade ever being attempted between Vintas and the other nations. The Vintosen distrust makes any treaty unreliable.   The Vintosen have limited access to Iron which makes it difficult for them to have a large standing army due to their poor trading treaties with other countries. The interesting thing is that the Royal family of Vintas have convinced the people that all the poor trading opportunities they have are due to the bigotry of the other nations. Thankfully the desert has provided large amounts of protection limiting the required size of their defense force in case of invasion. There is lots of wood available so the Vintosen fleet is fairly large, though there are few nails on board so their skills in woodworking are quite exceptional.   Even though the Vintosen have a large number of ships they don’t do much trading outside their nation. Vintas spans almost the entire western coast of Marvee. The quickest way to travel to other cities is by sea, so there is a large business for transporting people between the larger cities. Those in smaller villages are typically more inland and aren't large enough to support the transportation system. Fish is also a popular food in Vintas, so there are a large number of fishing boats. The Vintosen farms focus more on vegetables and grains. There is some fruit, but not very much.   Wheat is the main grain farmed in Vintas, because it was already commonly growing in the grasslands of their nation. Common vegetables grown in Vintas are corn, peas, carrots, cucumber, and squash. There are only two fruits that are grown in Vintas, apples and figs. The Vintosen have not tried many other fruit due to their lack of trade with the rest of Marvee.
National Territory