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Evolution of the Empire's Slave Trade

Slavery was a new development founded at the beginning of the modern empire. Citizens and their betters all understood the necessity of limiting the freedoms of those who could not be trusted. None desired a repeat of the rebellion that cost the continent.   Magic was not gifted to any of the slaves. Those who had a talent for magic before becoming slaves lost their ability to wield it. Many of these slaves could not live with the loss of their power and took their lives in response, even with Ego comforting them.   There were few elves or humans on Isle de Luz at beginning of the modern empire. Dwarves and Dragonborn were the most common slaves. Goblins and Orcs were considered undesirable by many. In the early days of the modern empire many elevated petitioned for expeditions to sent out seeking more variety in slaves. They often cited the need for a diverse breeding population as well as a diverse labor force.   Oscuro Marti supported the proposal and took the matter up with the Emperor. The Emperor agreed and tasked Oscuro Marti with organizing expeditions and leading the first to prove the validity of them. Marti only permitted elevated and a few priests to join the first expedition. As it was unknown how dangerous the mainland of Marvee would be at this time citizens, who were considered defenseless, were not to be put at risk.   While Oscuro Marti headed west, towards Marvee. He got agreement from the Emperor to have one of his favored priests lead an expedition to the East to see if they could reach Vixalia and obtain more exotic slaves. It had been many centuries at this point since the empire had contact with Vixalia and it was uncertain what the current political situation would be like. Priest Ramirez led the expedition to Vixalia.   The expedition to Vixalia ended up being a major success. The sea's proved to be dangerous, but nothing outside of what Priest Ramirez and his fellows could handle. Upon reaching the shores of Vixalia it was discovered that the political climate had not changed significantly. It was still a land of divided nations with slavery being a common practice.   Priest Ramirez obtained several exotic species of slaves. Loxodon, Tabaxi, Leonin, and even a few Satyrs were obtained on this first expedition with agreements for more trade in the future. Sadly, this would not come to pass. Not due to Preist Ramirez, but Oscuro Marti.   Oscuro Marti was expected to have an easy first expedition to the Eastern coast of Marvee. Unfortunately that entire expedition never returned. It is believed that the expedition was targeted by dragons who were still watching the Isle de Luz. The loss of an Oscuro proved to be too great to the empire and the emperor did not permit any additional expeditions.   Priest Ramirez went through the Juicio de Eterno again and was risen to the Oscuro caste as a reward for his successful expedition and was given the task of improving the slave trade within the empire. Today he watches over Puerto Sagrado as the overseer of any new slaves brought to the Isle de Luz.   From then on many breeding programs were setup throughout the empire to create the most capable slaves. It wouldn't be until the divine intervention of the old gods that another expedition would leave Isle de luz. In the intervening millennia many new breeds were founded. The exotic Loxodon and feline humanoids were the focus of a special class of slave that is well known in the empire today, but had not yet been founded at this time. The blackguard would become a special force that each Oscuro was given with the purpose of defending the Oscuro and being the Oscuro's eyes and ears in their domain. Leaving the priests under them to manage the daily operations of a settlement and to research new magical devices to improve the empire. The blackguard are the only slaves given access to magic in the empire.   Today New slaves are brought into the empire through Puerto Sagrado where they go through the Juicio de Eterno before being sent to Canje. Canje is where the most respected breeding programs reside and is the major slave trade hub. Merchants will buy slaves thought to be desired along their routes and sell their wares to the far reaches of the island. Most individual owners forbid their slaves from breeding, but some in rural areas breed their own to save on the cost of buying new slaves.
Slave Breeds:
  • Gatitos: Using magical transfiguration and selective breeding a smaller feeling race was created. They are the same size as gnomes with many of the traits of the larger tabaxi. The Gatitos proved to be popular to many Gnomes that dislike having slaves taller than themselves. A popular choice for blackguard, security in isolated settlements, and hunters.
  • Loxodon: The loxodon were never modified enough to have a seperate breed. The loxodon now present in the empire are said to be better at magic and more intelligent than those first brought from Vixalia. popular as blackguard and for manual labor.
  • Gato Feroz: By crossbreading the leonin and tabaxi brought to the empire a new breed was found that has ended up replacing the distinct races first brought to the empire. the Gato Feroz have a balanced build and sharper minds than the two distinct races they originate from. They also tend to have striped fur patterns. Popular for blackguard and hunters.
  • Dragonborn: Dragonborn have not been changed in any distinct way from the Marvee breeds. They are divided based on their breath powers and are used in the creation of items both mundane and magical by their owners.
  • Dwarves: Dwarves remain similar to their origins. They are popular with Jewelers and in retail establishments.
  • Elves: Elves are only new additions from the last few millennia since the divine intervention. They remain unpopular.
  • Humans: Also a new addition to the empire. There are not many in the empire, though the number began to rise about 200 years ago. They are used in record keeping.
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