Aethershards are Esperite gems cut into crystalline form, and enchanted in a multi-step process. The crystalline form of the cut Esperite allows for perfect retention of any Aether that is channeled into the gem, making an Aethershard the perfect gem to store magical power. Aethershards are also inescapable prisons for Elementals, and an elemental trapped within the shard can be used to generate Aether, essentially a self-charging battery (so long as you do not push the Elemental too far). These arcane batteries are the power source for most modern technologies, and are essential for the function of many modern societies. Due to the rarity of Esperite, and highly specialized skill required to properly cut and enchant the gemstone, Aethershards are among the most valuable commodities in the world.

Only master jewelers can properly cut a gemstone, and any Logicmaster who is capable of performing the enchanting process gains the rank of Mentat by default. When properly cut and enchanted, the gemstone is extremely resilient to damage and very stable. A mistake in the cut, or enchantment of the gemstone can have disastrous consequences. A flawed Aethershard carries the risk of the gemstone shattering, and releasing all Aether (or the elemental) stored within it in a devastating explosion. Due to this danger, it is always recommended to only purchase Aethershards made by the Logicmasters, as only they can guarantee the shard is of a high standard. Many fingerless, limbless artificers can attest to the dangers of cutting corners when buying an Aethershard.   Aethershards are rated in 3 ways: carat, clarity, and cut. Details regarding these Aethershard properties, what they mean, and how they define the shard can be found in Jeweler's Tools.