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by hughpierre

Basic Information



Uncommonly, this species has three sexes with unique designs to their organs.
Multi-chambered penis lined with petal-like raises.  
Secretious linings stretch from the fore-wings to the tail over specialized muscles to accommodate the kin fetuses.  
A bulbous rise strongly attached to the hip bone with a circular pattern of fins for grabbing.  

Genetics and Reproduction

  1. Penetration

    The mechanical motion where the male inserts itself into either the bearer or the hermaphrodite.
    • Fertilization

      The case of ejaculating into the bearer first, the bearer stores the sperm and waits for a hermaphrodite to contribute an unfertilized egg.
    • Transference

      The case of ejaculating into the hermaphrodite first, the hermaphrodite is temporarily pregnant before carefully coordinating with a bearer to take hold of the fertilized egg.
  2. Gestation

    Bearers are not labeled as females because they do not appear contribute any genetic material. But their bodies morph into a secondary function as a womb, where gestation continues on until birth.

Ecology and Habitats

Hollow Tree

A bundle of a vine-like plant adapted to the weightlessness imposed on the area by the permanently fixed upfall and grew to gigantic size. The vines, being squashed into a limited space, anchor themselves to the earth and grow skyward for several leagues.   Male and Hermaphrodites hang on the outside of the hollow tree, presumably acting as sentries; while the barers creep along inside.

Dietary Needs and Habits


Siphoned from both living and dead things through special adaptions in the mouth.


The giant creatures that crawl around Deeper Swamp surrounding the Tree.


Black flowers which like other plants grow to bigger sizes within the upfall that those without.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Winkin are social animals that display a diverse variety of mating and social systems, including some form of polygyny. Their social organization is fluid and individuals frequently switch between partners and roosting sites.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Kin Dildo

A silver phallic, not half-a-bone long, and covered in soft petals. The tip, in particular, is thicker than the rest with six distinct petals clambering over the top and continue in a spiral to the base.   When used, the petals open and close with the pulsing motion; along with blows of air from the soft internal chambers that some women full with scented water.  

Win Cloak

The wings of a dead winkin tend to droop like any fabric but are not as cuttable. Such cloaks are sought after as exotic prizes given the distance to the Hollow and the infrequency of winkin landings.

Facial characteristics

Face Shape

Long and pointed like a beak with teeth and an extendable tongue.  
Deeply depressed maw of a mouth with retractable teeth and lacking notable eyes and nostrils.  
Flat and sunken with conventional human features and pointed ears.  

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Winkin are pretty confined to the Hollow Tree.   The reason, it is thought, why this aerial species can grow so large is directly due to the known upfalls that makes everything lighter.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities


Winkin make many high pitch clicks, screams and whistles as they fly around Hollow Tree. Given their bat-like appearance, it is hypothesized that these sounds are useful for navigating the twisting bends between the vine plants that make up the Tree.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

Tonatuih's Cleanse

The winged Kin came to be after a group of Cloud people were blown and shredded in the Wind God's fury to such an extent that they were torn into three forms of Winkin: the parts of their formerly human-selves divided in threes among the genders.

30 years
Average Physique
An octopus shaped entity with a pointed head being the central part that connects to four petal-shaped wings with hooked claws at the end.  
A fleshy creature with many bony protrusions for legs attached to its three wings and torso, that furl and unfurl to flat or tubular dimensions.  
More gaunt and bony, like the males, it also has four wings but aligned along a singular plane
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
A fuzz of a dark feathers  
A dirty skin with red and pink veins  
More gaunt and bony with bright patterns on the under wing


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