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Situated right on the edge of the Auric Wastes, High-Hill is the eastern-most town in the Southern part of The Kingdom of Vallanna. Situated on a high plateau overlooking the vast, blasted, barren lands of the Wastes, High-Hill is seen by many as the last bastion of civilisation on an easterly journey.   Originally established as a military outpost, with the intent of guarding the kingdom from threats and encroachment by dangers from the Wastes, over the years the fort gradually began to attract civilian settlers, and grew into a bustling frontier town.   The town is somewhat of a destination for adventurers and prospecters, looking to mount expeditions into the Wastes, and the local businesses cater to these visitors accordingly. As such, the town is home to a fair number of taverns, accomodation and merchants willing to sell whatever these intrepid travellers need, at a mostly fair price.


50% Human, 30% Dwarven, 20% Other


The original military fort, around which the town sprang up, is still very much occupied by the Army of Vallanna. While most of the town itself sits outside the walls of the fort, the garrision stationed within is sufficient enough to mount an effective defense against anything short of full army.   Around two-thousand military personnel are stationed at the High-Hill fort on a permanent basis. At any given time, up to four-hundred of these soldiers will be away from the fort, patrolling the borders of the Auric Wastes against any threats which may issue forth from them, to the north and south of High-Hill.   The fort is solidly constructed of thick stone, with many watchtowers lining its walls. A line of additional towers stretch away from the town, both north and south, further along the length of the plateau to keep a vigil on the wastes.
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