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Known to some as Birdfolk, the Aarakocra originally hail from the Elemental Plane of Air, and are a rare sight in Vallanna, and indeed all across Altea.   Physically, the Aarakocra look much like large birds, with the addition of a pair of more humanoid arms. Their bodies are covered with feathers, and their legs taper to a pair of sharp talons. Their avian facial features complete the resemblence to the birds of the Prime Material Plane, being reminiscent of an eagle or a hawk.   Aarakocra enjoy peace and solitude. Most of them have little interest in dealing with other peoples and less interest in spending time on the ground. For this reason, it usually takes an exceptional circumstance for an aarakocra to leave his or her tribe and undertake the adventurer’s life. Uninterested in either treasure or glory; a dire threat to their people, a mission of vengeance, or a catastrophe typically lies at the heart of the aarakocra adventurer’s chosen path.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Aarakocra typically reach maturity by the age of three, but do not live much past the age of thirty.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Common, Aarakocra, and Auran.
Average Height
1.3-1.6 metres
Average Weight


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