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Weirland Keelboat

[a general rule-of-thumb for figuring human or other "big" races crew size is to divide the halfling crew in half and add one]


The locomotion of a rivercart are its keelers. A few may sport sails, but these are for the Weirsea. In rivers it glides smoothly and noiselessly over the lapping waters.

Weapons & Armament

Pole-oars can act as a bludgeon in a pinch. Crossbows are standard defense besides lances and tower shields. Short, curved kukri are held as tools and weapons on every keelers waist.

Armor and defense

Weather-proof furs and pelts are hung on the main structure of the rivercart to insulate and provide some fire-resistance in the more hostile waters.

Communication Tools & Systems

Besides the usual sending stone, not much communication is needed since the boats are never away long more than a few days.

Hangars & docked vessels

Jetties dock the rivercarts, usually near the family home or market. Several ropes tie the keelboat into place. The docks have crews that unload or load vessels for a fee, if the family isn't available for it. Usually a river constable keeps a keen eye on the goings-on.
Rivercart is given to these keelboats that fish and trawl along the rivers of Weirland.
Owning Organization
These small ships are common, though they are difficult to manufacture. Most fisher families pass the boats as heirlooms to the favorite son or daughter.
Due to the narrow channels of water, 5 ft to 12 ft is the general width. Any wider and it would be unmanageable.
Usually 20 ft to 50 ft. None larger than 50 ft are regarded with any seriousness.
In total, the boat is 10 ft in height, providing ample room for the halfling crew.
These boats made of @yellowoak, an indigenous, light, hardwood, can be carried by her crew of 15 to 20 men. It would take about 8 to 12 humans, or 5 to 8 half-orcs to move it to the next river.
The speed of the rivercart is dependent upon its keelers. If in tiptop condition with crew working like machines and on a smooth river, the rivercart can achieve a speed of 100 ft in six seconds. That's over 15 ft a second!
Complement / Crew
The crew consists of majority keelers, about 8 – 10. There's a navigator, a captain, and a treasurer. If a fisher or retriever, take away the treasurer and add five more bodies. There's an pole-oar for each member of the crew.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
The rivercart can carry a good amount of goods, usually fish from the weirs or fishing. It can hold all of its crew in four-tiered hammocks. Apart from this, if forced to go inside, the rivercart could hold about ten more halflings.


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