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The oldest settlement on the Silent lake, even Drake Vil and Arrn revar records state it predates them. Cavepose is less a traditional settlement and more a collection of small hamlets around the ancient lighthouse. Built on the cliffs overlooking a particularly rocky part of the coast, the red light is said to have never gone out and can be seen for several miles.  

Known history

All records of the area mention the lighthouse, meaning it predates both Elves and dragons in the area. While both sets of ancient records talk of settlements in the area around the lighthouse throughout their own empires, it was seemingly abandoned during the Illithid empire as only the lighthouse is mentioned, the light still shining. After the slave revolts, several hamlets in the area have come and gone, but the lighthouse has no recorded entry or departure.  



Several Grung hamlets have sprung up in the caves under the lighthouse over the years, many suspects that there was one in the Illithid's time but no evidence has been found. normally a group of small wooden huts around the pools, the Grung normally keep to themselves.  


Records from Drake Vil mention a group of Antmen that had a settlement around the base, though these people seem to have ceased to exist. The settlement seems to have disappeared by the rise of the Illithids.  

Sea people

Merfolk, Tritons, and Sea elves have all built various small shelters amongst the rocks over the ages, while most of these only last a few decades before the group moves on, this isn't always the case.  


An Empire of Akoom settlement was built after the southern crusades, lasting until the Demon Prophet destroyed it for heresy. This became one of the biggest settlements in the area's known history.  


Countless others have been built in the immediate area, with various groups finding the multitude of building environments to their liking.  

2nd century Fey

In the second century, Fey five hamlets call the area home. The First is an Avon settlement built into the rockface, being there since the tail end of the Chroma age, it is mostly built by the descendants of refugees from the chroma war.   A Triton farm has been set up on one of the sea rocks, first being built early in the fey age, they help provide supplementary foods to the other hamlets.   A group of Ratmen has settled in the caves below the lighthouse, while no clear settlement has yet been built, their presence is obvious by the fact they attack anyone who enters the caves.   A group of Frostmourn citizens has set up a fortified settlement around the base of the lighthouse, fleeing the undead. The largest hamlet currently present, this is the current location thought of when Cavepost is mentioned.   A druid circle has set up in the woods just to the west, while friendly to the other hamlets they tend to keep to themselves and is believed to be moving on shortly.
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