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Demon Prophet

Prphet of Akoom Imp

One of the most infamous prophets of Akoom in history, Imp was the fanatical follower of Akoom who brought the empire to its knees, earning him the nickname the demon prophet.  

Personal history

Strange beginings

Left as a baby on the doorstep at the temple school of Hightown. He was brought into the school and brought up by the head priest. Being in Frostmourn the Magic was frowned upon leading to the child's natural ability being scorned by others in the temple. His small nature also led to students often picking on and bullying him, giving him the name Imp.  


Being initiated into the school Imp focused heavy on combat, rather than his natural gift for magic which he suppressed. He quickly gained the upper hand over those who bullied him, often being dragged in front of his adoptive father for fighting, even making his old bullies scared of him. Imp delved deeper into religious purity, even starting to flagellate himself. By the time he was fifteen Imp was the greatest warrior in the school and, with permission from the clergy, forged his own greatsword called Brimstone.   When the Fylkir for occupied Frostmourn came to visit for a student tournament, one of his Orc Errants noticed Imp practicing with a greatsword and laughing at the ridiculousness of something so small thinking he could be a true warrior. Imp, at this challenged the Errant to personal combat to prove him wrong. Laughing the Orc accepted only to be beaten bloody. Surprised by this and seeing how many of the other students cowered from this 'Imp', The Fylkir took Imp on as his squire. Under the Fylkir, Imp grew stronger with his conviction and hatred of magic as a weak, cowardly tool, especially the prominent necromancy in the area.  

Justicar Imp and the purge of Frostmourn

Knighted after holding a pass against an undead horde to buy the army time to arrive. Imp was moved up quickly to Justicar due to his ruthless determination and refusal to follow 'cowardly' orders. As a Justicar Imp was ruthless and driven, often taking the fight to those he deemed 'heretical'. Many Errants placed under him quickly asked for transfers and many other complaints from subjects came in.   The Prophet of Akoom, not sure how to handle him, gathered together a few other 'problem' paladins to put under his command and ordered them to bring Akoom to north Frostmourn. Imp lead his troops into the necromantic-filled lands to the north and within a year rumors filtered south about a demon that slaughtered thousands, including two of the Lich's that ruled the area. Realizing his mistake, the Prophet sent a recall but got no response. After a decade and several more recalls the Prophet himself, with his council, went north, only to find a true land of the dead. Thousands were left unburied, some probably the full decade old, places of magic burnt, seemingly with its occupants still in. The council finally caught up to Imp in a small village, in the middle of executing three women he called witches, the rest of his squad were long dead. What shocked the prophet, even more, was when a village called him Fylkir. Only his old mentor voted against confirming the title.   North Frostmourn became a province of fear and a fanatical show of faith. Most of the citizens live in fear of persecution and magic is frowned upon, though to the outside it just looked like loyal devotion. This led, after a few years when the old prophet died, to his name being put forward and voted for by the majority.  

The Demon Prophet

Upon accession Imp quickly restructured the paladins, focusing them more on strength and anti-magic than before, He also outlawed magic itself, though this led to multiple uprisings. Spending a large part of his early reign dealing with, in his view, the corruption of magic and the uprisings it caused meant within ten years of his reign more had died than in the entire Phervian slave revolt period of the world, this includes a large number of shifters on their call of the wild, just for being them. The final straw came in 130 Blood where he declared war on Iti and the false worship of The Goddess in Rivell. This caused Rivell itself to rebel fully, and to everyone's surprise, was joined instantly by Northern Frostmourn.   After two years of fighting and many parts of the empire, and several paladins joining the rebellion, Imp's final decree was declaring heretics everywhere before he was killed in his own throne room.  

Mysterious death

Many stories arose about how Imp was killed. One says a Rakshasha he had killed in Frostmourn came back to seek revenge, others a squad of Psi knights attacked him eventually killing him, one story claims a Shifter on his call killed him, and several more on top of. What is known is fighting was heard in the throne room and by the time anyone entered, Imp was lying dead next to the throne, his horns removed and Brimstone gone.  


The Empire only survived, in name, for another 2 years till it collapsed. The title of Prophet was no longer restricted to just the paladins, the next three in fact were clerics rather than paladins. It also became more of a mediator title rather than a political position.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Date of Birth
2 Sieliah 91 blood
Date of Death
4 Penem, 132 blood
Jet black military cut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Founded Settlements


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