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Starwarden Shield

The Starwarden Shield is a majestic artifact crafted by the skilled hands of elven artisans, steeped in the lore of ancient prophecies and foretold destinies. Fashioned from a rare and resilient material known as Starwood, the shield is adorned with intricate celestial motifs and embedded with shimmering gemstones that seem to sparkle with otherworldly light. The shield is rumored to be a holy item to the goddess Xione.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The shield has a few powers. First, the shield has a prophetic ward. The ward has the power to foresee danger and protect its wielder from harm. Once per day, the wielder can call upon the shield's prophetic abilities to gain an advantage against spells and effects that would cause them harm. The second power that the shield has is starlight resilience. This power grants its wielder enhanced resilience and protection, imbuing them with the confidence to face any challenge. The wielder also gains extra health.   There is a quirk that the shield has that can be useful. The shield has an aura of confidence. The aura of confidence and assurance instilled its wielder with a sense of courage and determination. Those who wield the shield feel emboldened in their actions as if they were destined for greatness and capable of overcoming any obstacle that stands in their way.


Forged by elven smiths in the ancient days of prophecy, the Starwarden Shield is steeped in the lore of ancient prophecies and foretold destinies. It is said to have been wielded by legendary heroes and champions who were fated to protect their people from great threats and fulfill their destinies as guardians of the realm.   Since the lore and making of the shield is steeped in prophecy; it is believed that the shield was made in honor of the goddess Xione. Xione was a goddess of fate and prophecy. Her most notable prophecies center around her nephew, Lynir the Prophecied God. The shield was lost when the practice of the Fa Geinn faith of Ci Scá Múnt was outlawed through the Dissolvement of Ci Scá Múnt.


The Starwarden Shield holds great significance as a symbol of protection and destiny, dedicated to safeguarding the lives and futures of those entrusted with its power. It represents the eternal vigilance of the elves and their commitment to defending their homes and loved ones from all manner of threats. Its aura of confidence serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit of those who wield it, inspiring them to stand firm in the face of adversity and protect that which is dear to them. There can be no future without safeguards.
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Starwood of Strio Dane Scutto