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Pixie Dust

A magical component and drug from Shinia that is popular in Miylia.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The dust is made from native plants from Shinia and was originally used as a healing agent to help speed up Restoration magic.

Manufacturing process

The Elves on Shinia do not use advanced technology preferring to use magic or do things by hand. This alone makes the process expensive and thus making expensive to import from Shinia. Some regions in Shinia will use technology but those are areas not controlled by the Light Elves but are Dark Elven.


The people on Miyla don't know much about the history or the creation of the drug because it is created in Shinia. The item is only primarily used to make Fairy Lights for Christmas and not as the drug that it was originally created for.


The dust is used in Miyla for creating Fairy Lights for Christmas decorations.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Fairly Common
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Native plants from Shinia are used to create Pixie Dust although most people in Miyla don't know which ones or have never heard of them.
A mortar and pestle is used to create the dust and it is poured into sealed bags that are used to ship and sell it.