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Fairy Light

A spell created by the Elves that creates floating lights and is primarily used to decorate for Christmas in cities and towns throughout Miyla.


Once the spell is finished it creates a floating orb of light that will float until the end of the holiday.

Side/Secondary Effects

The lights make people happy partly because of the festive time of year when the spell is normally performed.


When the spell is done there is a small explosion in the orb that sets the dust a flame and causes it to float and glow.


The magic needed for this spell comes from a Caster or an enchanted item that stores magic for families that have a Caster so they can still decorate for Christmas.


The spell was created by the Elves on Shinia but the story behind that is mostly legend on Miyla because the people on Miylia don't know the history behind it on Shinia. The Elves shared the spell with the Humans to fill their Christmas celebrations with light.
Material Components
Pixie Dust is a drug from Shinia that can be used for Alteration magic. The dust is poured into a glass orb so creating everything needed for the ritual. If the castor wants to make the lights different colors they can add various dyes.
Gestures & Ritual
Once the orb is full of Pixie Dust a Caster must channel magic into it to make it float and glow. This channeling can be done silently or with the spell Fairy Light in Shini Elvish.
Related Discipline
A spelled used for Christmas created by the Shini Elves.
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
The spell can last for several days and is designed to last through Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Effect Casting Time
Several moments depending on practiced the caster is.
Close range as the caster must be holding the orb.
The spell is easy enough to do for Novices however Masters can it faster which is create for all of the decorating that needs to be done.
Applied Restriction
The only thing that prevents the spell from being cast is that it needs Pixie Dust which has to be important from Shinia the Homeworld of the Elves.