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Frostbound Crown

The Frostbound Crown is a chilling artifact crafted by the malevolent power of the undead. Fashioned from blackened iron and adorned with icy blue gemstones, the crown emanates an aura of cold darkness. Its touch is as frigid as the heart of its creator, sending shivers down the spine of anyone who dares to don it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The crown has two different powers. The first is frigid intellect. The Frostbound Crown enhances the wearer's knowledge and strategic acumen. The crown grants proficiency in history, arcana, and insight. The second power is an icy command. This power happens when the wearer does something evil. The Frostbound Crown allows its wearer to exert a sinister influence over their followers, compelling them to carry out their commands without question. The attuned wearer can issue a chilling command to their allies. The command can be anything.   The crown has an odd quirk called brittle frost. Because of its formidable appearance, it is unnaturally fragile. Since the crown is made from iron one would think that it is strong. Each time it is used to issue a command, there is a chance that it will crack and become weakened. The gemstones in the crown might fall out, dim, or crack. If the wearer uses its icy command ability too frequently, the crown may eventually shatter, rendering it useless.


Forged in the depths of darkness by a Necromancer or Qaydith. It is also possible that it was made by Niolmopio for Qaydith. The Frostbound Crown has a sinister history steeped in bloodshed and treachery. It is said to have been worn by tyrants and warlords who sought to conquer the world through fear and manipulation, using their knowledge of dark magic and forbidden lore to achieve their nefarious goals.


The Frostbound Crown holds great significance as a symbol of power and domination in the hands of its wearer. As a tool of war and wickedness, it embodies the malevolent ambitions of its creator, driving its wearer to seek knowledge and control at any cost. However, its fragile nature serves as a reminder of the fleeting nature of power and the inevitability of downfall for those who dare to wield it.   The crown is a holy symbol of Qaydith. In art, the crown is always shown on Qaydith's head. The crown is one of the main symbols of Qaydith and is adorned with gems. The crown is also seen as a symbol of Necromancy and dark knowledge is on the cover of many editions of the Conjuration Primer and earlier editions of the Restoration Primer.
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Jewelry / Valuable
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