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Samantha Nonukru (/Nôno͞okro͞o/)

Samantha is a human mage with a shrouded past. She is tall and muscular for a woman, with bright blue eyes and straight black hair cut short. She seems to be remarkable skilled at healing, in ways that are generally out of the question for individuals who do not get their power from a divine source. She suffers from amnesia and chronic headaches. Currently, she is acting as a companion (and romantic partner) for Miles Miller, and has become romantically involved with the well-meaning alchemist.  

Dark Powers...

While Miles works in the city, she has put herself to work as a healer in the capital, and has expressed an interest in becoming a battlefield medic, but has not acted on his impulse. In the few moments of violent conflict in which she has found herself, she has drawn on her well of magical knowledge and power, and it seems that whoever she was before she lost her memory was very much capable of violence. In fact, she is terrified of that side of herself, as the magic that she has used in battle has been almost exclusively dark necromantic magic, and she is terrified of how naturally it comes to her.   When confiding in Miles, she has referred to this power as "the other me" and has admitted that she is ashamed to admit what a rush she got out of letting the magic flow. At a deeper level, she fears finding out what she would have needed that kind of power for, in her previous life. Miles has tried to console her, suggesting that just because she is a capable warrior does not mean that she was a bad person, and frequently points out that she also seems to have invented some sort of unique healing method. Healers she has spoken to have insisted that thinking on these things may help her regain some of her memory. Regardless of Miles's and others' encouragement, Sam has still been unwilling to allow herself to let her mind wander to those spells, and avoids conflict despite her heroic impulses.  


Samantha awoke one day in an inn, with no memory of her past, and a vivid vision of a young man trapped in a pit, slowly dying. After rescuing the man, who turned out to be Miles, she had very little to go on, and he clearly needed help. Traveling with Miles, Sam found herself beginning to feel for the kindhearted artificer, but denied her feelings at first. She believed that her feelings were the result of Miles being the only constant after her amnesia, and was convinced that this meant that her feelings were not true, but born out of an impulse to belong in her situation. Eventually, however, as the duo traveled and especially after they arrived in Ovesla, she came to acknowledge that her feelings were real. She could have left Miles as soon as they arrived at the city, as it was clear that the alchemist was unable to restore her memory. Nevertheless, she felt compelled to stay by his side, and allowed a relationship to form between them.


Miles Miller

Significant other

Towards Samantha Nonukru


Samantha Nonukru

Significant other

Towards Miles Miller


Current Location
Looks to be in her mid-20s
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
bright blue, piercing gaze
Cut to shoulder length, black


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