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"Baglins are many things, but most importantly they are absolutely delicious!"
  Baglins are a race of tiny humanoid creatures. They come in many colours and look somewhat reminiscent of a cross between a frog and a gnome, without look particularly beast-like.   Despite their size, Baglins have the extraordinary ability to compress space within their bodies. This allows them to hold far more mass within themselves than their size would allow. With some being recorded as holding up to 500 cubic feet of material. They also have the equally impressive ability of being fantastically delicious. Manya a Baglin has found themselves on the dinnerplate of larger races, inculding those that you would not normaly expect to eat sentineet creatures.

Challenging Race!

This is race is much hard to play as, and comes with a number of disadvantages. Only play this if you are looking for a challenge.


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