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The World Shapers

  Long before humans set foot on Naagani, it was an untamed land of tumultuous seas and unformed earth. Two brothers, Giants, now known as The Giants of the Past, were colossal beings made from the universe itself, descended upon a raw Naagani.     Grothnar, the eldest brother, the Shaper of Valleys and Mountains, was a towering figure of immense strength and wisdom. His body was composed of the elements of the cosmos: his skin was dark as the void of space, his eyes glowed like distant stars, and his voice rumbled like rolling boulders. He possessed the power to mold the very earth beneath him. With each powerful sweep of his massive hands, he carved out the river valleys, providing life-giving water to the land. His fingers dug deep furrows that became the fertile riverbeds, nurturing the growth of life. When Grothnar thrust his hands into the flat earth, he raised the mighty Vertic Spine, a mountain range that still stretches across the continent. These mountains serve as both a shield against the harsh winds and a cradle for the clouds, capturing their moisture to nourish the lush forests below. The peaks stand as eternal sentinels over the land, ensuring the balance and protection of Nagaani.   Wuldor, the younger brother, was a figure of immense vitality and nurturing spirit. His form was woven from the essence of nature itself. His hair was a cascade of vines and leaves, and his skin was like the bark of ancient trees. Wuldor possessed the gift of creation, spreading life wherever he roamed. With each stride, he scattered vast seeds across the land, and from these seeds sprouted the lush, semi-tropical forests that became the lungs of Nagaani. Wuldor's touch brought forth verdant canopies and thriving ecosystems. His breath was the wind that carried pollen and spores, ensuring the propagation of plant life. The forests he planted became sanctuaries for countless creatures, providing food, shelter, and a harmonious environment for all living beings. Wuldor's connection to the land was so profound that it is said the forests still whisper his name, and the trees sway in rhythm to his eternal song. After a hundred years of labor, the giants completed their task. As the brothers looked upon their creations, they felt their energies wane. In a final act of creation, they lay down upon the land they had formed. Grothnar’s body formed the rolling hills in the west, and Wuldor’s became the densest part of the forest. Over millennia, their bodies turned to stone, becoming mountains and forests themselves, forever part of the landscape they created.   Each mid-summer, the people of Naagani celebrate the creation of their land with festivals that include plays depicting scenes from the legends of Grothnar and Wuldor, accompanied by music, dancing, and vibrant costumes representing elements of the earth and forest. Local artists display works inspired by the landscapes and ecosystems created by the Giant Brothers. People hang lanterns on the trees at dusk and gather around bonfires to share stories and songs that mimic the sounds of the forest.

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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Always so fantastically written! What a tale! : D I like the imagery of these nurturing giants forming the lands! Awesome work! ^^


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