Luinite (Loo-in-ite)

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  Luinite is a metal made only in Luingern Province.   The exact creation process is a well-guarded secret, kept hushed by the Metalworkers Guild of Luingern. What is known about the creation of Luinite is that it involves a special ore mined only in Luingrn Province, and from a heavily guarded mine. Somewhere along the creation process, the metal is folded upon itself repeatedly and slivers of a very secret ingredient are added. There is more to the process, but as has been said before, the Guild guards these secrets vigorously.   When cooled, the metal has a blueish, silvery hue that lies over the entire piece. Within the body of the metal itself are dark patterns. Superior Luinite smiths can control these patterns in such a way that their blades are recognizable as theirs and no one else's.  

Closely Guarded Secret...

As mentioned, the exact process of creation is closely guarded by the Metalworkers Guild of Luingern. They alone make Luinite blades for daggers, swords, axe heads, and pikes. While a blacksmith is not required to belong to the Guild, a Luinite smith is.   Once sharpened, Luinite blades need sharpening only rarely, and perhaps after a large battle.   The Emperor's Imperial Guards are all equipped with distinctive swords made with Luinite blades. After the swords and daggers are made by the Luinite smiths, they are delivered by a member of the Metalworkers Guild to a vetted and approved leather worker who makes scabbards for the weapons. In the pommel of each dagger and sword is a chunk of Gloinite.   Although the first Emperor, Sarcot, passed a law that only Emperors may possess Gloinite, that law was modified by the third Emperor to include those who served in the Imperial Guard. (Although there are rumors of non-Guards who have come into possession of Imperial Blades through scavenging battlefields and relieving the dead of their possessions).   Upon retirement from the Imperial Guard, former Guards are permitted to keep their weapons as a token of the Emperor's thanks.


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