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Swamp Blossom

For centuries, the Swamp Blossom has been regarded as a myth, a tale told by adventurers to scare simple townsfolk, and entertain nobility during banquets.   The supposedly carnivorous plant that lived in the swamps of Shyiq Slein was extensively documented in the Book of Nox and was considered one of his insane fantasies by scholars the world over.   It wasn't until Xavron Farrora financed an expedition to search for the mythical creatures written about in the Book of Nox that the terrifying plant was actually found.

Basic Information


The Swamp Blossom is a colorful plant, that grows in shallow swamp waters. The actual blossom of the plant breaches the surface of the water and stretches out it's vine like petals, which shimmer and undulate in a mesmerizing rhythm. The main blossom is a circular platform covered in bright green fillament that emit a scent that is overwhelmingly enticing to most creatures. The style is topped by a stigma that resembles jewels, and the glint from these false jewels is hard for many passersby to resist.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Swamp Blossom takes decades to mature. During growth, a young Swamp Blossom resembles a sea anemone, using it's filament to filter the murky water and ensnare passing fish and bugs. Once the blossom reaches maturity, it enters a hibernative state, with a hard protective shell surrounding it for nearly 5 years. After this transformative period, the shell breaks away and the newly grown tendril like petals stretch out and wait for it's prey.

Ecology and Habitats

Shallow water with a hot, humid environment. An abundance of bugs, fish and small, or large, creatures is necessary for the Swamp Blossom to thrive.

Dietary Needs and Habits

the Swamp Blossom requires meat and proteins to survive.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The 1st Nox Expedition attempted to transplant one of the specimins they found, by excavating around it and placing it in a large container, but the plant stopped eating and died before they were able to return to Escax. Underneath the plant, they found a massive pearl, which the biologists assumed was made up of all the broken down bones from the blossom's meals. This Swamp Pearl, is still on display in the Royal Museum, in the capital city of Escax, though small cracks have begun to form on the surface of the pearl.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The 1st Nox Expedition only encountered 3 swamp blossoms in the southern swamps of Shyiq Slein.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Swamp Blossom has fast acting reflexes, as soon as something of considerable size brushes against the petals, or disturbes the filament, the petals wra around the creature, holding it in place with hundreds of tiny, needle like barbs.
100 years
Average Height
3 feet tall
Average Length
Older Blossoms can have petals that reach 15 feet across.
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