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Kurayami Clan

The Kurayami Clan is a group of demons that rule over Akumagakure, it is also the clan that Kayako was born into. Known mostly for their creepy appearance of white or pale-colored eyes, light-colored hair or black hair, and pasty white/grey skin. The clan is not all peaceful. Kayako left the clan and married King Vladimir Legendere because her brother, Ibaraki, killed a servant with who she had a personal friendly relationship. Ibaraki did become the clan leader but refuses to get married, instead, he had 11 children. 5 children with one concubine, Okiku. She had four daughters and due to that, Ibaraki chose another woman to be his concubine so he could have an heir. By the time Okiku did have a son, it was too late. Ibaraki had a son with a concubine named Hanako and decided to make him the heir. Ibaraki then had four sons and a daughter with Hanako. There are roughly 32 members of the Kurayami clan known.   The Kurayami Clan is also associated with other clans like the Higeki Clan, Ayakashi, Akugyo, and Zuijuin as the wives or concubines of male members, originated from those clans.


  • The Elders
  • Clan Leader
  • Leader's spouse
  • Siblings
  • Children 
  • Concubines 


the culture is based of ancient Japanese culture.

Demography and Population

mostly Japanese with some other Asian ethnicity like Chinese or Korean
  • Emperor king Katsuhito
  • Empress consort Claudia
  • Empress Mei
  • Prince Consort Kannrei
  • Princess Kayako(Formally)
  • Emperor Ibaraki(Current Head)
  • Prince Akashita
  • Princess Consort Akemi
  • Prince Takahiro
  • Princess Takara
  • Princess Consort Aimi
  • Okiku Ayakashi
  • Hanako Akugyo
  • Suzaku
Ibaraki's children through Okiku
  • Princess Ameya
  • Princess Suzuri
  • Princess Reiko
  • Princess Yurei
  • Prince Yadokai 
With Hanako
  • Prince Shuji(heir)
  • Prince Shiryo
  • Prince Akubozu 
  • Prince Mizuchi
  • Prince Ikuchi
  • Princess Enko
  Prince Takahiro with his wife, Princess Aimi
  • Prince Seiryu 
  • Prince Habiki
  • Prince Kudan
  • Prince Asahi
  With his concubine, Suzaku
  • Prince Kasai
  • Princess Kazuya
  • Prince Amikiri
  • Prince Kuzuryu 


  • Yomi-no-Kuni
  • Akumagakure
  • Kurayami Palace


  • Shinto
Political, Family
Alternative Names
Kurayami Ichizoku
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
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Controlled Territories
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