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Kurayami Palace

Kurayami Palace is where Kayako was born and grew up. It is a red and black Japanese-style castle located on a hilltop in the Japanese region of the demon realm called Yoni-no-Kuni, which means underworld. Kayako's brothers and other extended family live in the palace.

Purpose / Function

to display the Kurayami Clan's wealth and power. A place for the Kurayami family to live in.


The palace is red and black.


The entrance to the palace is called a Koguchi. A Koguchi is an entrance fixed to castle walls. The doors have the Kanji "Kurayami" and clan symbol painted on them. The pathway is made of stone. Unlike traditional houses or castles that have doors you pull or push open, many Japanese-style castles have sliding doors, and the Kurayami Palace is no exception.

Sensory & Appearance

The inside smells fresh and flowery. The lighting is a little dim as they mostly use candles and sunlight(if you can even call it sunlight). You can hear nature from some rooms such as wind blowing, birds whistling.


Kayako's relatives live here, including her parents, brothers, cousins, aunts/uncles, Nephews/Nieces.
  • Her brother, Sunako has a son and daughter, Takahiro and Takara.
  • Her brother, Ibaraki, has two concubines, one who he had 5 children with, and another who he had 6 children with. 

Contents & Furnishings

The Palace has its traditional furniture
  • Tatami mat
  • Sliding doors/translucent sliding doors
  • Decorated ceilings
  • Low tables
  • Futon
  • Shurikens
  • Kunai knives
  • Katana


There are very many treasures and valuables hidden inside the Palace. They can only be accessed by those who carry the Kurayami Clan DNA in their blood. Valuables and treasures that are not hidden inside the palace are displayed around the building.


It is a Medieval Japanese-style castle made primarily of wood and stone. It is surrounded by walls made up of stone and has a water Moat around the castle.


The Location of the Palace is on a mountain top, which provides the best natural defense but other defenses are added to further protect the palace. The stone walls are also a defense mechanism.


Most People are not allowed easy entrance into the palace. You have to get to the demonic realm, which is a long and difficult process. Only people with access to the portal leading to the demonic realm are those with Demon blood(Kayako, Shion, Nami, Ronnie, Xavier, Somena
Alternative Names
Kurayami Yakata
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Owning Organization

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