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Demonic Realm

The Demonic Realm(Also known as Yomi-no-Kuni, Shadow realm, underworld) is a parallel dimension to the mortal realm, where most demons live in. There are a few parts, one where the Asian demons live and one where the Europeans and other demons live. Kayako used to live in the Demon Realm before she married Vladimir. Daemon is currently stuck in the demon realm and is trying to find a way to get out.   While they do have a moon, there is no sunlight but the moon does project a decent amount of light so that it is Twilight Bright in the Realm. Sometimes the moon can be blood red


There are a few places, an Asian demonic city a European one, and one for the others such as African, Latino, and more.


The Demon realm has a few different governments systems as it has more than one region. The main ones are a Monarchy and Empire. The Kurayami Clan is an empire while Daemon uses monarchy.


surprisingly the Demonic realm doesn't have infrastructure that would normally be in any sort of settlement. Maybe it's because they rely on endowment. They do have roads, courtyards, bridges,


  • Akumagakure: Kakayo's birthplace, where the Kurayami Palace is located. 
  • Fallenbrooke: Somena's Birthplace. 
  • Zodroknath: Location of Somena's father's secret laboratory, as well as the hometown of Kari's (Kai Rin) boyfriends long lost twin brothers, who were adopted by Somena's brother, Toshiaki, and his wife, Aqua.  

Guilds and Factions

  • Kurayami Clan
  • Zankoku family 
  • Daemon's followers


Not much is known about the Demon Realm and how it came to be.

Points of interest

  • The water is a transparent red color no matter where you go. 
  • The bark from trees is extremely dark brown or black. Some don't have leaves
  • The leaves are a red color
  • There is a high chance if you cut a tree then it will start bleeding. No worries, it's not blood... most of the time. 
  • You can get vampire maple syrup. It's sold in the breakfast aisle of specialty stores in the vampiric empire. 


Not many tourists come here as... take a wild guess, It's called the Demon Realm, it's full of demons. and getting here is hard, you need a lot of things like a portal, someone with Demon Blood, all that stuff.
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Jan 16, 2022 20:10 by Marc Zipper

I love that the demon realm is separated or has its own areas for different demons. Similar to the areas of earth interesting idea

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