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Kurayami katana

Kurayami Katana is a Shobu-Zukuri Katana passed down from generation to the leaders of the Kurayami clan. Created centuries ago (at least when Katana's were first created) It has been passed down from the heir once they become leader, that is until an incident with Ibaraki and his sister Kayako where Ibaraki dropped his Katana, and Kayako grabbed then gave it to Luna as a gift(Mainly because she didn't really like it because it was from her brother,) Luna was very grateful and promised to take good care of the Katana, while Kayako was secretly hoping Luna would find a way to break it. She was satisfied with the Katana becoming a mere grass cutter and fruit slicer and found a way to send a video of Luna cutting grass and slicing a melon in half to Yomi-no-Kuni, which has no access to internet or wifi. It was humiliating for Ibaraki to watch as a little girl suddenly made it easier for her dad to mow the lawn. Luna wasn't even flailing it around, she was properly used to Katana and it looked like she had so much prior experience. It has also become a tradition for Kayako to send Ibaraki a video of Luna using the Katana for anything but its intended purpose and force Ibaraki to watch it as a form of torture.   The Katana is currently kept in Luna's room on her dresser on a katana display. It was been yet to be returned to Ibaraki and Kayako has no intentions of returning it. Moral of the story? Don't piss off your Yokai sister if you don't want a little girl using your katana to cut watermelon and grass. Ronnie originally wanted to Katana but Kayako said no as she didn't want anything reminding her of Ibaraki in the house and that's how Luna got it. Fun fact: The only liked videos on Kayako's youtube consist of Luna pretending to be a fruit ninja, aside from her traditional Japanese mediation music.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The special Yokai metal with the Tamehagane is what makes the Katana indestructible. The other material, made from Yomi-no-Kuni is also made from indestructible materials from the Kurayami clan, including the sageo and other fabric material on the handle of the Katana.

Manufacturing process

First, the steel blood, or a Kera is made, the Katana is made of three types of steel, one of them is Tamahagane and the other is the special Yokai steel while the 3rd one remains unknown. It was made similarly to any other Katana only using a few Kurayami yokai methods to give it special abilities and make it indestructible.  Some also said that the Katana being stained with the blood of enemies also had a part in making it indestructible.


The Katana was created in 700 BE when Katana first came to Japan. It was created by Kayako's grandfather, Emperor Katsuhito as a gift to her father (his son-in-law) Kannrei when he married his daughter, Empress Mei. Since then, it was supposed to be passed down to the eldest son when he became emperor, the only person that happened with was Ibaraki. The Katana has been used in countless wars and slayed countless enemies and monsters.    The tradition ended up being cut after Kayako got mad at her brother during a "Family dinner," and attacked him. His katana fell, and Kayako asked Luna to grab it and give it to her. Luna did and Kayako used it on her brother and sent him back to Yomi-no-Kuni without his Katana. Instead of returning it, Kayako allowed Luna to have it, secretly hoping she would think it was a toy and end up breaking it. Unfortunately, that did not happen as the Katana is unbreakable but upon discovering what Luna was using it for, Kayako was happy to see the Katana used for battle tactics now being used to cut grass and slice fruit


The Katana was very important to the Kurayami clan that had been passed down to generations(It was supposed to, but Ibaraki was the only person he passed it down to) because Kayako, being the badass she is stole it from Ibaraki and gave it to Luna. Needless to say, Luna's parents didn't have to mow the lawn anymore because Luna was using the Katana to cut grass, cut large fruit, and open boxes. An ancient sword stained with the blood of millions now used to cut grass. It became a real Kusanagi(Grass-cutter) which is technically considered an honor.
Recap/fun facts  
  • The Katana was created my Emperor Katsuhito(Kayako's grandfather) As a wedding gift to Kannrei(Kayako's father and Katsuhito's son-in-law) when he married his daughter, Empress Mei Kurayami.
  • The katana was then given to Emperor Ibaraki Kurayami once he became clan leader and was meant to be passed down to his son, Imperial prince Shuji Kurayami
  • When Ibaraki and his son, Shuji visited Legendere castle to have dinner with his sister, Kayako, he said something that pissed her off and as punishment lost his Katana
  • Kayako gave the Katana to Luna and she now uses it to cut the crass in her lawn. 
Item type
Weapon, Other
Creation Date
700 CE
Current Location
Current Holder
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
There is only one Katana, which was created as an heirloom to leaders of the Kurayami clan, built by Emperor Katsuhito as a gift to his son-in-law Kannrei and was passed down to Ibaraki once he became Emperor and Leader of the Kurayami clan. Then he dropped it, Kayako "Stole" it, and gifted it to his son's crush.
3.2 lbs
Raw materials & Components
Made from a combination of a special Yokai metal and Tamehagane(made from Iron sand), said to be indestructible and can easily survive lava. The Saya(sword cover) Is made from black gold and decorated with red and Japanese writing and has a red sageo(The cord used for tying the saya to the obi). The blade itself is black with waved lines showing how it was forged. The tsuba(Sword guard) is a Kaku maru gata(square with rounded corners) made of gold and the Tsuka(Handle) is black with a red Menuki(ornament on the Tsuka).

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