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The Hills

From the north coast to the edge of the Swamplands, a boarder of hills separates the plains from the wastelands. The largest hill in the area is Dragon-kin Mountain . The hills are green with grasses and low reaching flora. It is rare to see a tree over the height of 1.2 metres in the hills, however, where the hills meet the plains, there are many 3-4 metre trees with dark green leaves. It is a quiet area (outside of the Beast-kin towns) yet safe enough for schools to set their camps here.

A Beast-kin town populated by mostly Warbeast-kin live in the hills below Dragon-kin Mountain. They are separate from the Dragon-kin town but are the next closest town to Dragon-kin Mountain. Some suggest this town should live in the Badlands, but no consensus has yet been made.

The hills separate the Harpies from the rest of the inhabitants of Turien. Some assume that even if the Harpies could leave their dead tree home they would not be able to live in a different climate. Thus, most people forget about them, unless they are trying to scare their children into going to bed on time.

Both Ryu (the Dragon-kin's second prince) and Lee (Ryu's best friend and aide) grew up in the hills and now attend the all races classroom.
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