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The Borderless Border

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: KLO Promotion Ceremony

Strongmonth the 22nd, Year 53 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
"There are a lot of magi-bugs at the Borderless Border." KLO-sky

"Why is it so hot? I wish the rains would come. Oh wait, they've fizzled to, at best, a slight drizzle." KLO-MeiMei

"Trucks would get stuck here. That's why I asked Hiven for better wheels, but I must have sent it to the wrong department. They haven't made any desert wheels yet." KLO-Tanka

  These are the quotes I have gathered from Search and Rescue Team 2 about the area that make up the-not-quite-a-border-cause-it's-so-merged area between the Desert and the Badlands. 

The Area

Life in the Desert
There isn't much there. Mostly magi-bugs (cause they can live everywhere) and cacti (cause they don't need rain). The weekly rains mostly dry out by the time they get to the Desert and Badlands areas. Even though the Swampland is south of them, maybe the Swampland magnetises the rain there or something. Though the Badlands get a little bit more rain than the Desert, after the lake incident in the third magic war, there seems to be less rain there. Only by a tiny bit, but that's enough to have fewer bushes than there used to be. Although, that's also cause they all got destroyed in the wars. 
There are three main colours of magi-bugs. The seemingly odd purple ones. Though, this is probably cause the water inside cacti is purple. But they have scales, so I think they are just wanting attention. I wonder if I could talk to them?
  The other colours are sand coloured, so they camouflage in the desert, and an almost green colour. They are more the colour of bushes from the badlands, rather than a cacti colour. Maybe the flora magi-bugs fight for the right to inhabit the borderless border! I did read somewhere that the third coloured magi-bugs were cacti coloured. I also read another thing that said there was a fourth colour of magi-bug: rainbow! Maybe they just ate something weird though. 
Taegrin: Have you been able to converse with any other magi-bug?
Mimi: Well, no, not like that
Taegrin: Then why would this one be different?
Mimi: Well, maybe they show could me where Reagan is, then
Taegrin: I can't stop you. At least, not from trying once. 


  There are no people that live in the Borderless Borders. No one lives in the Badlands, except for Harpies and only a couple of Snake-kin families live in the desert. The Snake-kin live much more to the south, but they basically lay claim to the whole desert. Not this bit, so much, cause its a bit funny, apparently. 
  So, no one has claimed this area for their race. With almost no rain, not many people want it. Also, most people seem to find the purple water odd. I want to try it. Doesn't it make it sound more exciting?! I wonder if there is poison inside. It also reminds me of an underwater pool near Turtle Island. Nummy. 
Jim: That's not what I said. I said that the temperature changes as you start getting close to the Badlands, i.e. when you enter the Borderless Border. 
Mimi: Right ... I'mma just stick this in, directly. 


The Borderless Border is a hot and dry place. I wouldn't like to get there except for two things: finding Reagan and drinking the purple water. 
  I'd rather write the report after going there. Why can't I go yet?

Supervisor Sonni Feedback

Mimi, what have I said about sticking notes in the middle of a report? There were not that many words even! Just rewrite it, as a quote if you must. You did that at the start of this report so I know you can. 

Supervisor KLO-toon Feedback

We should probably work on referencing things properly. There's a certain format the Search and Rescue Department like to use, but any referencing is better than none.
    Council Notes
So casually bringing up Turtle Island ... Add investigate what the purple rock pool is to S&R Team 4. They seem to be interested in these things.
  Search and Rescue Department
Search and Rescue Team 4: Can we borrow Mimi? Or have her? 


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Aug 9, 2023 14:23 by Olarae & Astaroth Arcaine

The concept of a "borderless border" is really quite intriguing even if the locals don't see much value in all that hot, dry space!   Though I will admit you've left me yearning to know more about this peculiar purple liquid!!   -Olarae

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