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Cactus Dryads

They live with the Cantina tribe in the desert and Badlands. (They are part of the Cantina tribe.)They are dryads, with primary fauna form is a cactus. There are different cacti, but this does allow Cantina tribe people to basically spy on the above land, check if others are around and so to help keep the tribe a secret. Their ancestors are Dryad (from Turien) and the [Otherworlders] that chose(?) to stay in Turien in the Cantina tribe. Thus, most Dryads do not know of their existence. As Dryads are generally trees from the Great Forest (in the East) or Halves Forest (mid-Turien).   Although they sound prickly, these Dryads are probably the people in the Cantina Tribe who are most warming and welcoming and love to give hugs. As they can phase in and out of their Cactus and Human forms at will, they do not ever mean to prick someone. Most times, there isn't an issue. On odd occasions there may be, most notably is Barbara, "Miss Barb".

Miss Barb

You stab one person and everyone forgets how nice you are!
At a Cantina Festival, Barbara was on stage and MCing the prize wheel. With a motherly love for her tribespeople, she warmly welcomed all those who won on stage and gave them large hugs, as was her norm (using her ability to phase in and out of her forms and any form between). She was the type to be warming making cookies (or cactus juice) for all those passing her tent, or the tents she passes by. All knew Barbara's love. Not often would a Dryad unwittingly barb a person, however, this od time was Barb's turn, excited as she was to give out extra prizes at this festival. As the festival hit its peak of fun and excitable festivities, Barb welcomed up her [victim]. He was excited about the stall he was running, and the excitement spread to Barbara (who was already at the highest excitement of hers of the evening). Thus, unfortunately, she was less wary of her own self and accidentally allowed a cactus barb to stab into the stall owner as she gave him his prize. There was blood. And in her excitement and shock and horror, more barbs sprung out. Fortunately, they didn't hit anyone, but they did get to some weird places. From then on, every time she went to offer food and beverages, others hid and/or covered themselves with wood and hardier things. They still accepted her foods though.
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Author's Notes

"You stab one person and everyone forgets how nice you are!" This quote (or something similar) came from Elfking101 during a Twitch stream. Those in chat were helping me brainstorm Cactus Dryads (after mishearing CoffeeQuills in her Twitch stream earlier - I thought they said cactus dryads, they didn't, but the beings were then born in my world of Turien). Thank you <3

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