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Other Planes

Elemental Phases

  Imagine a hexagon. Now picture each side as a different colour. Red, green, while, blue, yellow, and black That in no way represents how the universe looks, but it is useful for explaining this one point.  
Cycle of planes by Tanai Cuinsear
Within that hexagon imagine a circle, and on that circle picture a sphere. That sphere is our world. Wherever we are on that circle, we are closer to some sides than others. Each of those sides is an energy type. So as we move around the circle, one or two types of energy will always be stronger than the others. Therefore, some magic will be easier to cast than others. To make the most of stronger magic, that which is in the ascendancy is given control of the college.   As far as can be determined, The cycles are regular as clockwork. Moving a complete cycle takes 618 years, with 103 years on each side of that hexagon.   We are currently moving from the age of water to the age of air, so you can expect to experience less rain and more gales or hurricanes. The one after air is where it gets really interesting as that is the time that entropy will hold sway.
Metaphysical, Arcane
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Cover image: The party's camp by Tanai Cuinsear


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