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C10-95-03-10 Criminals Assault Gates

On the 8th and 9th a group of dangerous criminals assault the gates between Battlehelm cavern and Crystal Spires. The first assault was on the gate leading out of Battlehelm, where the criminals attempted to use magic to slip past the gate. Though their attempt at a quiet exit were thwarted by the defences put in place around the gate, these violent criminals attacked the guards stationed there as soon as they were revealed.   According to eyewitness reports the attackers were two dwarves, and two elves who bore a striking resenblance to a group of deserters from the northen forces. These deserters have been linked to several criminal acts in Battlehelm and it is thoughjt that this escape was driven by the net tighening around them in that cavern.   Despite a force being sent in pursuit of the deserters, they disappeared somewhere along the tunnel between Battlehelm and Crystal Spires. It is thought that the elves must have used magic to conceal themselves and their associates from the pursuers.   On the 9th another assault occured at the entrance to Crystal Spires. This was initially thought to be unconnected, as it started with a merchant and his guard objecting to being asked for their papers. When this supposed guard attempted to start a riot he found little to no support but attempts to make an arrest turned into a violent confrontation which resulted in the death of numerous soldiers. The abilities displayed by the fake merchant coupled with the appearance with a magical death sphere which blocked a tunnel has led authourities to believe that this was the same group that broke out of Battlehelm. Inspection of their wagon revealed a hidden smuggling compartment, though nothinh was found inside.   A reward has been posted for information leading to the arrest of these dangerous and violent deserters, though everyone is warned not to approach them. Their actions have indicated a casual disregard for the lives of others so any attempt to impede them could result in injury or death. Any information on these criminals should be reported to the nearest guardpost or group of soldiers.
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