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Mana Beasts

Mana Beasts are the most powerful creatures of the various Elemental Planes of Sia: The Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Ice, Light, and Dark Planes respectively. They function in a parasitic way, most similar to the Totanian phenomena of Item Magic.   Mana Beasts are able to bind to either the soul or the mana of a host, said host having to be a mortal, almost always a resident of Totania who has found their way into the Elemental Planes. The Mana Beasts are made of pure mana, and thus bind to mana and can add to it. They are unfathomably powerful, and when they bind to someone they can add special effects that are often more powerful than anything the person would be able to achieve otherwise.   This is similar, then, to Item Magic. As an Item Magic binds to whomever picks it up, then granting them the power of a God until they die, Mana Beasts bind to the person who they choose to bind to. They do, however, need the permission of the person they possess to take over their bodies. They grant powers, but they feed off of the person's mana, so they cannot do so without express permission.
Kindle and the Phoenix by Jarhed
  When they get this permission, they do not need permission to leave. They can unbind whenever they want, though some of them do wait until the host asks them to leave.   It is also not the entire Beast that binds. It is only a part of them that is split off and travels with the mortal host. A M'rak fragment speaks for the entirety of M'rak, but is only a piece that has broken off from the whole. That being said, it is not believed that there can be more than one host of a Mana Beast at a time, so even though they can split, only one person can actually hold them at once.  

The Beasts

The Mana Beasts, and their powers, are as follows:
  • Phoenix- Representation of the Flame of Life and the fire of the soul that keeps people going. As long as the user does not want to die, they can resurrect forever if they are killed, not if they die. If they die of natural causes or some other way that is not inflicted by another person (or themselves), they stay dead and the Phoenix moves on. The Phoenix has the symbol of flaming wings that it can give to its host..
  • M'rak- Representation of the Inner Darkness in someone. M'rak is a companion who offers a small part of himself to aid in battle and grants his mana, however prolonged exposure draws out ones flaws, overtaking any good qualities. Even the greatest of people have flaws that, if let out, could turn them into the worst person in the world. M'rak seems to enjoy exploiting these flaws. M'rak has the symbol of a grim smile in the darkness, appearing in the darkness anywhere on and for the wielder.
  • Raijū- Representation of Lightning Fast Instinct, Raiju takes on the form of many animals, most notably a Lightning Wolf of Blue and White. Users of Raiju's Magic have sharpened instincts that help them to react and dodge out of the way of nearly anything. Raiju has the symbol of three lightning bolts in the shape of a claw mark.
  • Kurma- Representation of Level Headedness and Responsibility, Kurma is a giant turtle that holds up all of the Elemental Planes. He is the Earth Plane creature. Users of Kurma's magic are immovable unless they wish to be moved, and can grow a shell of unbreakable rock on their backs to protect them from all attacks from behind. Kurma has the symbol of a shell.
  • Seraph- Representation of the Inner Lightness in someone, Pure Heartedness. Their exact form is unknown, but they have six wings of light that cover most of their form, with all that can be seen being their large eye. Users can create a blinding light that encompasses an area and only harms evil people. It is believed that Seraph probably shoots lasers out of their eyes, and users of Seraph magic can do that as well. Seraph has the symbol of a third eye or multiple eyes.
  • Charybdis- Representation of the Desire to Escape Ones Inevitable Fate, Charybdis takes the form of a gaping maw beneath a whirlpool in the ocean. The only way to gain its power is to be eaten by it and convince it to grant you its power to escape said fate. They grant the power of creating a gaping maw in the chest of the user, which can suck anything in to it. It can also transport itself, being consumed into a whirlpool and teleporting somewhere else by being spit out by another maw. Charybdis has the symbol of a gaping maw.
  • Jormungandr- Representation of Accepting Ones Fate. Jormungandr takes the form of a large serpent which wraps around the Elemental Planes and ties them to Kurma. Users of it grow a serpents tail, and any time the tail is touched (by the user or anyone else) then everything around the user freezes. If one were to put the tail in their mouth and attempt to eat it, they create a massive blizzard that freezes everything in its massive radius, even things of great heat, but killing the user. Jormungandr has the symbol of a serpents tail.
  • Tengu- Representation of Mischief and Arrogance, the Tengu is a large demonic looking creature that only aids those who promise it a jovial time and/or glory. Users of Tengu's Magic can summon a storm of wind that interfere with all attacks done by those not wearing the Tengu Mask. Tengu has the symbol of a Tengu mask, which has grown into a symbol of protection in many Eastern Cultures.

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