Dagger, Bronze

1 H, STR Min 8, Weight: 1 kg., Bronze Def 5, BODY 5   2 DC HKA   Absorb: Energy, 5 BODY ( Max: 10 BODY )
to: HKA, Fade: 5 pts / 1 Minute   Damage Negation
-1 DC Physical, Limit: Only Ice SFX
-1 DC Energy, Limit: Only Cold SFX
  -3 Power Def, Limit: Only Cold SFX   -1 Image PER to Infrared vision   1 d6 Transform, Cosmetic: Liquid to Solid
Side Effect: 1 d6 CON Drain, Return: 5 pts / 1 Hour   +1 CON roll, Limit: Only Cold / Ice SFX
Envirtonmental Move: No Penalties on Ice   Perk, Access: Unknown
DIstinctive Looks: Magical, Weapon, Unnatural
DIstinctive Looks: User Cold to touch
Magical Complication: Unknown  
This short, clean, single edged dagger is made of Bronze. Strange runes are on the non-edged side, they are a lighter colored copper and have a texture more like cloth than smooth metal. The blade, simple cross guard, grip and pommel are all one piece. The grip is bound in a strange hide of white.   There is an unknown geometry down the middle of the blade, on both sides.   When touched by an unprotected skin, it is cool and there is no moisture present.
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