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Favorite Movies

Casablanca Thomas Crown Affair Den of Thieves To Catch a Thief Logan's Run Inside Man Virtuosity Maltese Falcon North by Northwest Ladyhawk Kelly's Heroes Equlibrium Gladiator Extraction Tears of the Sun Now you see me Pulp Fiction Hateful Eight the Good, the Bad, the Ugly Spectral Charade Usual Suspects LA Confidential Prospect

Favorite TV Series

Person of Interest Leverage Sherlock Alias The Blacklist Fringe Rubicon Burn Notice Elementary It Takes a Thief Six Million Dollar man Now and Again Jack Ryan Primordial Samurai Jack Firefly The Wire White Collar NCIS The Seeker Miami Vice X Files Mission Impossible Lost Intelligence Colony The Magicians Stargate SG 1 The Prince Avatar

Favorite Books

Asimov Lensman series Humanx series Alan Dean Foster Childhood's End Earthsea series Dragon riders of Pern Tolkien Dune

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