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Thoughtful Taverns

Thoughtful Taverns is a chain of taverns spread across The Continent in most major cities and several smaller ones. It was founded in the medium sized town of Dangerfaire.


A chain of taverns, each functions quite independently as long as they adhere to the standards Tanda Goldbound has set forth based off the original Thoughtful Tavern.


A nice and upkept tavern that prides itself on serving knowledgeable residents and rewarding critical thinking with free drinks. Originally a funny joke in Dangerfaire it grew into a cultural highlight and soon became a fan favorite of scientists, arcanists, and other intellectuals which led it to grow across The Continent.


The Thoughtful Taverns are one of the wealthiest tavern chains across Tomeria and have much wealth in the way of property, supply chains, and alcohol. Known for it's Thinking Tanqueray and Thoughtful Touissant which it has guarded the recipe closely for years leading to being the sole producer of it.


Originally founded in Dangerfaire, Thoughtful Taverns quickly gained fame for their unique drinking games and rewards for competing in the "Yes, it Can!" game. Once Tanda Goldbound had brewed the new gin Thinking Tanqueray it quickly gained a following out of High Moldur, which quickly had masses coming down to Dangerfaire simply to see the tavern.    This eventually led to a large Thoughtful Tavern being built in High Moldur and after that one became very popular it led to a chain of them spreading across The Continent   .

Who says ya cant drink and think?

Corporation, Business

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Author's Notes

Fun Fact: Inspired by a reddit user u/orcishhorde who came up with the tavern game.

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