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Thee-dee Grak


A famous Orc Warlord known for his cunning and tactics during the later stages of the War of Endless Aggression  .

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A large, scarred, and muscular orc with pale green skin and two large tusks. He has black long hair tied back into a long-braided ponytail.

Identifying Characteristics

Missing his right arm.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Thee-dee was born to the Akama-Grak tribe, a large tribe that was one of the driving tribes in treaties with the Moldur Kingdom.   Like many Orcs Thee-dee only knew his father as a child before his father died in battle. Shortly after he began his training as a warrior where he was quickly noticed for his use of the environment during battle. Thanks to the ongoing War of Endless Aggression  Thee-dee had plenty of opportunity to rise through the ranks and surely, he did, gaining command of the Akama-Grak near the end of the war.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His most famous battle was after the remaining Orcs had been assimilated into the Moldur Kingdom and was at the Battle of Vaak. After the Divine Cannons devasting most of the Moldur Army, Thee-dee was lucky to survive with only the loss of his arm.   Even with the fresh loss of limb, Thee-dee was able to recover and lead his orcish unit, the Akama-Grak, against the invading human forces repelling them from the Kesser Pass long enough for the rest of the Moldur Army to reorganize and mount a sturdy defense.

Failures & Embarrassments

While becoming a legendary figure across High Moldur and the Orcish residents that live in the Moldur Region, Thee-dee himself was always ashamed of his lack of arm and made great strides to recover or hide it leading to his eventual self-imposed exile.

Intellectual Characteristics

A cunning tactician, Thee-dee was far more intelligent than the typical Orcish commander. This led his troops to look very favorably upon him and caused much fear in the wake of his enemies. He was keen of mind, with a slow methodical method of thinking through his problems.

Morality & Philosophy

Thee-dee was the epitome of a traditional but clever orcish commander. While he used far more tactics than the traditional orc warlord he did not squader the ruthlessness usually atypical to one. Never one to let an exposed weakness go unpunished or a softspot not stabbed. He was known for his ruthlessness when it came to battle tactics and didn't ever take prisoners. Should those at the end of a battle not prove a threat, they were oftentimes released, but should they be able to join a different army or bring on guerilla warfare, they often met an axe.    Thee-dee was loyal though and didn't merely expect others to do whatever was commanded but followed through personally in standing down the enemy till the last man, himself included.
raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale green skin

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