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Jessie Springfield

A rich and wealthy charlatan, Jessie is a noble halfling that lives in High Moldur. His family immigrated there from a small town in the Lightfoot Nation and were very poor. His father worked at a Grimm factory during the day and then at night would cook food which he would give to other workers at the factory. His mother was a stay-at-home mom who took care of Jessie and his 5 other siblings.   Growing up poor, tragedy eventually befell Jessie’s family when during a particularly rough stretch at Grimm where wages were slashed, Jessie’s father was killed by an enforcer in a clash between the protesting workers and the Grimm enforcers. Without his father's wages Jessie and his oldest sister Maggie were left to go to work to help pay the bills.   Eventually Jessie was offered a job as a cook to the High Priest of the Karis Church, Oris Gold  Gold, after taking up his father’s habits and spending many nights with him cooking for the Grimm workers. Oris and Jessie were quite like minded in their generosity and it was here where Jessie is presumed to have made his fortune as Jessie represented Oris’ in many of his court cases against Grimm and was known for his charisma and many wins at the expense of Grimm.   After Oris’ passing Jessie left the Karis Church’s organization and set out on his own and began founding many different charity organizations due to his extreme wealth. While favored amongst many he can still find many enemies with those he defeated in court with no major Grimm officials finding themselves among his many parties.

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