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Lightfoot Nation

The Lightfoot Nation is the 2nd of 3 Halfling nations and is the inbetween for the Randurth Desert and Randurth Highlands.


The Lightfoot Nation is built off of their guilds and the successes they have. This has created a very interesting structure within the kingdom rarely seen in other parts of Tomeria and scholars believe that it's only successful due to the typically lax nature of halflings.    The most powerful of the guilds is the Travelers which since it's inception has traveled far beyond the borders of the Lightfoot Nation, it is still a powerful force within as well.    There are innumerous guilds of varying sorts but the most powerful ones are the ones that use their gold to found new cities, make new laws to enforce, and debate with the other nations at their gatherings.


Lightfoot halflings are a crafty people and pride themselves on their work. They believe in enjoying and making your hobbies more than just something you do in your spare time and instead pursue it for a living regardless of how needed it may be.


One of the oldest groups of people in Tomeria, the Lightfoot Nation was known for it's speed and guerilla warfare in the War of Endless Aggression and their rapid troop movement would oftentimes be the deciding element in many a battles.


The Lightfoot Nation inhabits both part of the Randurth Desert and Randurth Highlands and functions as an inbetween for the Stouting Kingdom and Ghostwise Nomads. This area contains high plateaus and sprawling arid deserts.

Foreign Relations

Unlike the Stouting Kingdom the Lightfoots have a good relationship with their nearby halfling neighbors the Ghostwise Nomads and oftentimes will buy the goods the Ghostwise find or procure in the Randurth Desert and then go off into the rest of Tomeria to sell them.    Similarly their relationship with the Stouting Kingdom is also positive and they oftentimes are the supply line for when the Stouting Kingdom goes off in skirmishes due to their inherent speed.
Government System


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