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In the old empire, Dwarves were among the strongest warriors. Dwarven honor guard served in palaces and in the standing army with great honor. That changed during the Godswar when the Honourborne Clan was destroyed almost to the last member as it fought tirelessly to hold the gods and buy time for Si'yla to prepare itself for war. On the ashes of the Godswar, the peace granted by the Seven and One was enough that few Dwarves thought to prepare themselves for further battles or attempt to rebuild the devastated clan.   When the Seven and One turned on one another and made the ancient empire the stage for a battle between godkillers, the dwarves who could flee from the devastation did so, hiding within The Mountain. Those who could not flee or convince the local Ascended that they needed to remain at their trade or the local area would collapse were pressed into service like anyone else and their unmarked corpses--if they were lucky enough to leave a corpse--would never join their ancestors in The Mountain.   Only once the Ascendancy War had ended did the Dwarves re-emerge, and with them the newly founded Mountainguard Clan. No longer did they care for honor, justice, or other such nonsense. The Dwarven people had nearly died for such bunk and the Mountainguard did not forget where they had come from. With rapid and planned action, the Mountainguard Clan worked to secure area in each of the Great Cities for the other clans to populate and build into Dwarfhomes, districts where only their kin were allowed to live. With the armed soldiers of the Mountainguard Clan to enforce their demands, the years following the Ascendancy War were marked with Dwarven dictatorship that finished the work the Seven and One had begun in stamping out everything related to the gods.

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