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10144 After Si'yla

Created by

Writers Team

Long ago, gods roamed the world. Their concerns were far beyond the mortal races, their power immense, and their actions long reaching. Centuries of oppression led to the creation of Ancient Si'yla, a commune of all mortal races brought together to build a future for mortals, not just gods.   But the gods were jealous of the mortal invention that diminished the need for their miracles, and the mortal heroes who stole their worship. When the Cataclysm shattered the world, Si'yla wept for the senseless loss of life, but they did not accept that some things were merely fate or the will of the gods any longer. When proof was uncovered the gods were to blame, Si'yla took up arms against their patrons.   After many long years of war and death, the gods were slain and an age of invention and wonder was birthed. Free of the chains of religion, Si'yla had an unprecedented growth of technology. It was a better world for everyone. The heroes who had been raised above all others for their parts in bringing down the cruel gods ruled wisely and fairly, until the last revenge of the gods took hold. Remnants of divine power filled the heroes, making them cruel and ambitious, turning them against one another.   The Ascended War was far worse than the Godwar, and the mortal races were nearly destroyed. While man and orc fought bravely as they foresaw the end of their entire races, elf took to the woods to wait for the end and dwarves slipped back into their mountains to be alone at the end. All would have been lost, but for the appearance of the Godhunter, who slew the heroes and saved the world.   But still the Ascended remain, and those who pick at the bones of Lost Si'yla are vulnerable to divine predation. How much longer can the world survive?