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Yokai Realm

Yokai Realm World Map
A map of the known regions of the Yokai Realm.
The Yokai Realm is a mirror realm to the human world that is full of Yokai and magical elements. It is a feature unique to Earth, and it can be traversed through portals between the realm, which usually mirror their coordinates.


The Yokai Realm has a very different landscape to Earths, with different continents and different seas. The continents roughly line up with major land masses found on earth, but there are still places where entering a portal on land will drop you in the ocean and vice versa.   The Yokai Realms unique traits include it's pink skies and pink seas, scattered with swirling golden clouds that mimic a painting more than real clouds. Grass and trees can range from the typical green color to a vivid gold or yellow coloration.


The Yokai Realm is full of Yokai, magical creatures and spirits from folklore. There is a wide variety of strange creatures of all walks of life in the yokai realm, from small, mundane creatures. living inanimate objects, powerful spell casters and spirits, to even god-like entities.   While the term 'yokai' itself is Japanese in origin, it does not strictly consist of Japanese folklore creatures. cryptids and creatures from all over the world exist in the Yokai Realm, from America's mothmen and bigfoot, to European kelpies and basolisks, and much much more. Typically, these creatures tends to live in the similar regions that they're myths come from, as it was these very sightings of them traveling to the human world that made them known in the first place.

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The Yokai Realm is the only place that has such a high concentration of magic. While magic can exist outside of the realm, no where else is there such a high concentration of magic that allows creatures such as yokai to thrive.


The Yokai Realm is as old as the world itself. It's said that the two worlds tried to exist in the same place at the same time, and that it caused such an imbalance that two worlds overlapped each other on two separate planes of existence.   The Yokai have existed for thousands of years and have interested with humans since the moment they began walking upright. Much of human folklore comes from stories of interacting with or spotting yokai in the wild. The yokai and humans would play a role in influencing each others cultures and lifestyles. Humans and Yokai regularly traded with each other, lived together, and found love.   But not all yokai were good, and the amount that could torment humanity with curses, kidnapping, and death struck fear into humans, who sought to banish them from their world. Yokai hunters. warriors trained for tracking and destroying yokai would begin driving them out of their homes on Earth and back into the Yokai Realm. Yokai would retaliate, using their magic to fight back against the hunters, if only to instill more fear into humanity.   Eventually this fear would come to a head, starting the Yokai War, a war that lasted a hundred years between humans and yokai. The fighting only ended when a truce was formed between the yokai and the Guardian Clans who promised to protect the Yokai Realm and provide them resources in exchange for not interfering with humans anymore.   This has been the arrangment for the last several hundred years, with the major entrances into the Yokai Realm being guarded by families dedicated to protecting the realm. Still, it did not stop wild portals from appearing, and yokai sneaking into the human world anyway.   As of late, the yokai have become restless as many of the Guardian Clan families have died out, leaving their portals either closed or entirely unprotected. More and more, yokai have been sneaking out of the Yokai Realm and causing mischief, and the potential for another war between the yokai is on the horizon.
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