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North Gekkou

The northern country on the continent of Gekkou. The capitol is the city of Komai.


North Gekkou is mostly populated with the descendants of immigrants from Nikkou and neighboring regions, as well as quite a few creatures that can be recognized from North American folklore, which had lived in the region long before the immigrants arrived.

Industry & Trade

North Gekkou regularly trades with it's sister country Nikkou, as well as with the neighboring locals. It also trades regularly with people on Earth.


During the Yokai War in Nikkou, many cities and villages were met with destruction and chaos, forcing many yokai to flee from their homes to find some sort of safety. Very few places in Nikkou remained untouched by war, so some yokai chose to flee for new land entirely. Many chose to follow Chishiki Fukurō, a knowledge deity who fled Nikkou after it's library was burned to the ground, and flew off into the ocean to find safer lands.   He would eventually find a new world untouched by war, strife, and more importantly, humans. This land would later be dubbed the region of Gekkou. Fukurō would settle down in this new place and begin the reconstruction of his library, and soon fleeing Yokai would find him and begin making their home there as well.   The city of Komai would be the first to establish itself in the region, becoming the largest settlement and eventually it's capitol. Other villages and towns would crop up around it, but Komai would prove to be the largest and strongest community.   Attempts to expand North Gekkou into the greater parts of the continent would be attempted, but they would be pushed back by the beasts of the New World who did not appreciate these new creatures encroaching on their land. Eventually the border along the Isei-jū river would be made the permanent boundary for the country's expansion.


The region draws in creatures from all over the realm to come see the new world and potencially settle down, epscially as the region is known for it's amount of wild portals to the human realm that appear.


North Gekkou takes up an area small area on the peninsula of the largely unexplored Gekkou continent. This is intentional as to not disturb the native creatures that live beyond the borders. It is a mountainous region with dense forests and woodlands. There's also easy access to the coastlines.


It's climate is similar to New York, being chill, humid with mild summers and intensely cold winters.
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