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Utrom are an alien race that come from Planet X. Not much is known about them other than what can be gathered from Kraang.

Basic Information


Utrom appear as small, brain-like aliens with tentacles beneath the bases of their bodies. They have large eyes in on the front of their body and a mouth full of small fangs, forming a face.   More Details
Utrom are a strange species that are analogous to a sort of flesh and fungus fusion. They're brain takes up a majority of their body, taking up 80% of their total body mass. It is covered in a thin skin-like tissue to protect it from outside bacteria and parasites, but otherwise has no other form of protection. They lack bones of any kind, even their teeth are formed from a keritin-like material. However, their brain has some elasticity to it that allows them to take hits without brain bleeding or damage.   They have very few organs of any kind. They're primary organ is the digestive canal, a tube that starts from their mouth branches out into smaller and smaller capillaries though-out their body. These tubes quickly digest and sort nutrients and water from their food and disperse it through the body, while liquifying any waste product to be excreted out of their skin. This mixes with a naturally produced anti bacterial chemical to create a slimey coating that keeps the Utrom moist and hydrated.   Two heart like organs pump fluid through the body in order to control temperature and disperse nutrients through the body. They absorb oxygen through their skin, so there is no need for lungs or other breathing organs.   They have eight tentacles on their bodies, six simple tentacles and 2 primary tentacles. Simple tentacles act as their form of locomotion, allowing them to swim through the thick air of their planet, and crawl around on the ground. The primary tentacles have leaf shaped tips with sensitive pads on them. Primary tentacles are stronger and more dexterous, allowing them to be used with handling tools.   The tentacles all connect at the base surrounding a hole at the bottom called the cerebral opening. The cerebral opening serves multiple purposes. There are fine hair like nerves inside that can connect to the hivemind of different types of fungus on their planet, including Mycircuitry based tech.   Lastly there's the cranial frill, a set of sensitive antennae like appendages that rest hidden between the folds of the two cranial hemispheres. The hemispheres can open and allow the frill to extend out into the open. This is only done when the Utrom is doing something that requires intense mental power, as the frill can draw in extra electromagnetic energy from the air to increase brain power.

Body Tint, Coloring and Markings

Most Utrom consist of pink or yellow flesh tones. Their eyes can be a range of colors but the most common colors are green and blue. Their pupils are always a dark red.

Genetics and Reproduction

Utrom cannot reproduce individually. Reproduction involves a rare 'sex' of their species only known as 'Nesting Brains'. Nesting brains while genetically similar to Utrom, look very different. They appear as large fleshy flower with tendrils that emerge from the center and hang down low to the ground. They are permanently rooted to the ground and do not speak or see. The only way they communicate is telepathically through their root systems, or when their roots connect with an Utroms cerebral opening.   When connected to an Utrom, the Utrom can deposit genetic material so long as it is not the Nesting Brain they were born from. The Nesting Brain then produces small polyps on their tendrils which develop into young utrom. When they gestate long enough, the Utrom will drop from the tendril and be free to wonder on their own.   When a Nesting Brain dies, it produces a seed that can grow into a new Nesting Brain.

Growth Rate & Stages

As soon as an Utrom drops from a Nesting Brain, it can pretty much live on its own without the care of another older Utrom, but will often seek out a colony anyway, as they provide food and protection.   Baby Utrom look similar to the adults, but they are smaller, have stubbier tentacles, and smoother skin. As they grow and learn more, they will form more wrinkles on their head. A fully mature Utrom is roughly the size of a housecat and has at least five folds on it's head.

Ecology and Habitats

Utrom are a versitile species and exist in almost every part of every biome on Planet X, save for the storm ridden methane ocean below, which requires special equipment to traverse.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Utrom are omnivores and sustain themselves on a wide variety of plants, mushrooms and invertebrates native to their planet. However their advanced technology has allowed them to create a synthetic food, coequally known as Space Mash for its usage on voyages to other planets. It contains all the nutrients needed for a healthy Utrom diet in the form of a salty, flavorful food paste, that can be kept freeze dried for lengthy storage.   Earthlings describe it as having the texture of refried beans and tasting of salty moss, and have promptly thrown it up.


Utrom are a mostly peaceful race with a strong sense of empathy not only for themselves but other creatures. They are intelligent both logically and emotionally, but also tend to think quite highly of themselves. They are curious creatures that enjoy learning everything they can about the universe and spreading that knowledge to others. They are also very social and are generally open to new people and cultures.   It's possible for some individuals to be more selfish and malicious in nature, but that kind of behavior is generally condemned.

Additional Information

Social Structure

A group of Utrom is called a colony. Utrom are social creatures that prefer to coexist with large groups of other Utroms so that they may share resources and knowledge.

Average Intelligence

Utrom are extremely intelligent, to the point of being the dominant species on their planet. They're entire bodies function as enlarged brains, allowing them to process things much more efficiently than other intelligent species in the universe. They are capable of pattern recognition, socialization, complex emotion and empathy.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Utrom have some telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Their massive brains give way for them being able to make these connections with others and the world around them. This allows them to communicate non-verbally to each other, as well as instantly learn the languages of new cultures they encounter. They're abilities allow them to also directly manipulate their tech with only their minds.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Utrom have a mutualistic relationship with a rapidly growing fugus that they can create neural links to. Mycircuitry being the process of using this fugus to build infrastructure and complex computers.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Utrom tend to have very short, two syllable names. Often when spelled in human languages, an apostrophe will be used in place of Utrom sounds incapable of being repeated in human speech.   Examples of Utrom names; Kraang, Ch'rell, Mortu, Xeinos,   If they are part of a colony, their last name will be the colony name they are a part of. The colony name is usually named after the current leader; for example, an utrom Quanin being the leader of a colony would make it the Quanin colony. If a successor takes their place they will keep their predecessors name as their last name, but the colony will be changed to their first name, thus changing everyone elses surname.

Major Organizations

Utrom colony's have a ranking system based on their reputation and status in the greater Utrom society. Older, larger, and more respectable colonies have more power over social and economic decisions than lower ranked colonies. The top 10 bracket of colonies each pick a representative to be placed on the Utrom High Council, which is in charge of most of the global decision and law making, as well as manages things such as intergalactic diplomacy, colonization, and military efforts.   If a representative shows great misconduct by breaking the rules or life form rights violations, they can be voted off the council by the rest of the representatives, and subsequently have their colony black listed from serving on the UHC.

Gender Ideals

Utrom have no concept of human gender in their own society, as Utrom are a unisex species. However they have a tendency to adopt culture of whatever planets they may be living on full time. In this case Utrom who end up on Earth may pick either male, female, or gender neutral pronouns, depending on their preference.

Courtship Ideals

While being in a relationship is not necessary for the Utrom reproductive cycle, they are still social creatures who long for companionship, so they may pick one or more individuals to form a deep, sensual bond with.   As physical touch often comes with the risk of disease, it is often saved with those that an Utrom has made a close connection with and trusts. Excessive touching can be perceived as affectionate and even flirtatious, though it can be platonic as well.

Average Technological Level

Utrom have some of the most advanced technology in the galaxy. Not only has their tech allowed their people to live in a utopia free of famine or disease, but they have developed terraforming technology as well as space fairing ships and transportable cities for planetary colonization. Their military is also not one to blink at, however they have a strict policy against building certain kinds of weapons of mass destruction, such as Kraang's Technodrome project.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Utrom's native language, 'Utromese' consists of clicking, grunting, squealing and growling sounds, many of which are impossible for the human mouth to produce. Utrom are quick to learn new languages, but the Utrom 'accent' often results in groaning sounds as they speak.


Utrom are some of the oldest intelligent species in their galaxy, some of the first instances of their species dating back to nearly 20 million years ago. Humans had only just evolved to walk up right by the time the first recorded Utrom Civilization had formed before humanity had even begun to evolve. Utrom became a space fairing race 10,000 years ago, where they completely colonized and terraformed the rocky planets in their solar system and expanded outwards into other solar systems, forming the Utrom Empire.   After multiple colonies were attacked by a war fairing race called the Triceriton, the Utrom joined the Galactic Union, a collective of intelligent space fairing races who agree to pool their resources to protect each other. The Union ultimately wiped out the Triceriton homeworld and it's few refugees were pooled into the Galactic Union.   Most recently, the Utrom have been at war with the Vreen over territory dispute regarding a collective of colonized planets.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Utrom have a cordial relationship with many of the races they interact with. They are naturally peaceful and diplomatic when they encounter a new intelligent life form, and tend not to interfere with their affairs until they are space fairing. As such they are aware of Earth and the humans who live there, but have not yet made their presence known, instead choosing to observe them.
Scientific Name
Gelatina intelligentes
1,000 Earth Years

525 Homeworld Years

Average Height
24 cm
Average Weight
4.5kg (Earth)

250g (Homeworld)

Average Length
30 cm (Tentacle Length)
Geographic Distribution
Related Technologies
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