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Cloaking Brooch

Cloaking Brooches are mystic items that can be found in the Yokai Realm. The brooches allow for non-shapeshifters to disguise themselves as another species.  


The brooches can be designed a number of ways and customized to be more personal to the owner, but most have the same basic appearance. They usually involve a design for the base made of out Yokai Gold, which can be molded into any shape, and and a magic infused gemstone in the center of the brooch. Neither of these elements are purely decorative, however, as they both are important to making the magic work.  


Cloaking brooches will hide the users true form whenever they use it. Brooches are often designed to only do one disguise, so a human disguising brooch will only turn creatures into humans, where as a cat brooch will only turn them into cats, and so on and so forth. Brooches aren't bound to a user so they can be traded, borrowed and resold to whoever.   They will function as long as they are physically touching the user, and have been activated. Brooches can be deactivated with just a simple tap to the gemstone in the center.   Cloaking brooches tap into the soul of the user and changes their appearance based on how they think they would look as the the other species. Even if the creature doesn't really know what they want, the brooch will make unconscious decisions about their appearance for them. For example a human cloaking brooch may take some of the monstrous features of yokai and translate them into normal human traits, though often with the side effect of a few unnatural features like fangs, and strange hair/eye colors. Humanoid mutants will often change into humans that uses the same genetic traits as the humans they mutate from, or if they used to be human already, simply take on their old human appearance.   Clothing worn in cloaking brooch form will become bound to the brooch and will disappear when the brooch is taken off. The cloaking brooch acts as a fully three dimensional disguise, making the user not only look human, but sound and feel like one too. Even their insides will be changed physically, but it won't change things like what they are able to eat diet wise. While the changes feel extremely real, they are not, and will disappear as soon as the brooch is removed.   Things done to the cloaked body will effect the real one as well. Things like scars and wounds will also transfer nearly 1:1 on both forms, as closely as it can. One give away that someone may be using one is the eyes, as they will always remain their original color, no matter how unnatural they were before.


Brooches have been in wide use in the Yokai realm for centuries. After the Yokai War, it became risky to roam the human world in the monstrous forms of Yokai. While shapeshifters like kitsune, jorogumo, or tanuki could hide themselves easy, it wasn't so much for other yokai who wanted to roam the human world.   Brooches were invented to hide yokai from humans, and have been a staple of traveling yokai for a long time. In recent years, they have been adopted by Mutants who wish to coexist in the human world without risk of persecution.
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