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Yokai Gold

Yokai gold is a material that's only found in the Yokai Realm and it comes with powerful mystic properties.


Material Characteristics

Yokai gold can easily be mistaken for earth gold, as it has a lot of the same properties as earth gold. It has the same density, softness, and melting point as gold. The only difference is that yokai gold is rich with mystic energy that is impossible for an untrained human to detect.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Yokai gold acts as a conduit for mystic magic, and reacts uniquely to different types of magic. By itself it cannot cast any form of magic but it can enhance and guide the magic of other objects, like the wires of a machine. Instead of conducting electricity, it conducts magic.

Geology & Geography

The ore for this gold is often found underground in the mountainous regions of the yokai realm, the trace amounts of it can be found in water sources due to erosion, much like earth gold. In fact, it's believed that this concentration of gold in water sources is what allows them to turn into portals between the human and yokai realms.

History & Usage


Yokai gold has a long history with the Yokai and have been used for thousands of years for machines, magical artifacts or d├ęcor. A lot of the magic systems rely on yokai gold to function so it's a valuable resource that has resulted in wars and battles over it. While there are plenty of legal avenues for getting yokai gold, there are plenty of people, especially in rural areas who will steal it from travelers, or from villages during raids.

Everyday use

Yokai gold is most often used in magical artifacts and machines. Two well known examples are Cloaking Brooches, which use the gold to enhance the effect of the cloaking gemstone, and Amulet Keys, which allow for the opening of natural portals in and out of the yokai realm.


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