████████ "Ngaabalumi" ████████

After everything that he did, and the destruction he caused, how is it fair that he lived far longer than those whose lives he ruined? There are children born after his actions who predeceased him. Whatever punishment the Divinities gave him, it cannot have been strict enough.
— Dyiiladuunawa individual, circa 2 Redemption
Ngaabalumi was the leader of Dyiiladuun from 17 to 27 Continuance, and was the last member of the church to lead the Dyiiladuunawa. His actions as leader are believed to have directly lead to the country's destruction and the loss of many of its people, and he lived the rest of his life in exile.


Ngaabalumi was born in 81 Beginnings, first era in the Thurásin Standard Calendar. His family was thoroughly embedded within the church which lead Dyiiladuun, and at age 10 he was brought into its ranks to begin the long training to priesthood.   His progression through the ranks was swift, becoming one of the highest ranked priests by 12 Continuance and working behind the scenes on administrative duties. His strong work ethic is supposedly what convinced his leader to stand down and grant him the power to run Dyiiladuun, on behalf of The Divinities.   It was under his orders that the preserved dragon in central Dyiiladuun be harvested and sold to the highest bidders, and he obstinately refused to acknowledge any moral or theological criticism of his actions, which he saw as necessary to ensure the prosperity of the country. Of course, by 'the country', he meant himself, growing fabulously wealthy alongside his closest advisers while the country was plagued with ominous rumblings.   Resistance to his decisions came to a head in 27 Continuance, with his own gods taking possession of the faithful to bring them to the Cathedral to protest. Under this divine pressure, Ngaabalumi relented and agreed to their demands - stopping the mining operation in the area, and returning the scales and bones that had been excavated in the past 7 years. Despite this promise, he did not do so, reportedly gloating to his advisers about tricking the gods themselves.   A few months later, after another event of possession instructed the faithful to flee the country, Ngaabalumi tried and failed to stem the tide of emigrants. The rumbles in the ground grew more intense, and at last Ngaabalumi himself fled to an affiliated church in a neighbouring kingdom. His exit was timely, as only a few hours later Dyiiladuun was destroyed by an ancient dragon who had been slumbering beneath it for thousands of years. While this dragon was killed a week later, the country and its lands were utterly destroyed, and the people's faith in Ngaabalumi's leadership gone.   Despite calls for Ngaabalumi to be made to leave the church and face the consequences of his actions, he was granted sanctuary and kept safely within the church building. He was only finally brought out in 52 Destruction, as a frail elderly man still adamant that his decisions were for the betterment of the country. He was executed in 53 Destruction near the Carved Cliffs in the south-east, where Dyiiladuun used to be.
81 Beginnings - 53 Destruction (99 years)
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All in a name

The Dyiiladuunawa are renowned for their dedication to studying and preserving history, keeping some of the most meticulous records of Thurásin history. Despite this talent, there are some things that they do lose - Ngaabalumi's true name being among them.   This is no accident. Before the first gaping cracks appeared in Dyiiladuun, his people had taken to giving him the title of Ngaabalumi - the Cursed One. This became the sole way he was referred to after the incident, and even at his execution he was not given the dignity of his true name. All records of him prior to the event were 'corrected' to replace it. To the Dyiiladuunawa, there is nothing more important than a name - to take it away is the greatest form of disrespect.
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