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The Dancing Lights

Beware the Dancing Lights. Many who follow never return.
— Advice offered by Kraztanar, White Tiger Tribe leader.
  While the dancing lights, also calls a borealis, can happen close to either the north or south poles, they are most recorded in the Tundra of Cassus. Only here has it been recorded that the borealis have lead wanderers to their doom.


According to those who have survived, the Dancing Lights start out as a sharp white glow on the horizon. It doesn't matter which way the victim is looking, it happens in all directions. The sharp white light quickly pierces the sky above the observe with a rainbow of colors, mostly deriving of the greens and blues parts of the rainbow. The hapless victim is drawn in by the beauty, and will stop at nothing to follow the arrow that the colors are said to portray.
Metaphysical, Astral

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